Office of the Dean

At NSCAD University, the Dean is responsible for the academic leadership, development and supervision of academic programmes. Working collaboratively and in close consultation with the Provost & Vice-President, Academic Affairs and Research, the Dean provides leadership of the university’s academic programmes, supports its educational goals and assists in the achievement of the goals and objectives of the university’s academic, research, and strategic plans.

Dean’s Welcome

NSCAD University is a great place to study and create. To those of you returning to NSCAD, welcome back. To those of you considering NSCAD for undergraduate, graduate, or extended studies, we have a wide variety of courses, programs and degrees to offer. It is my great privilege to invite you to become part of NSCAD’s community. I encourage you to be actively involved in a world enlivened by the pursuit of arts and culture.

Dr. Ann-Barbara Graff
Vice-President, Academic and Research

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