Documents, Forms & Publications
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  Academic Governance

    • Act of NSCAD

    • By-Laws of NSCAD University

    • Constitution and By-Laws for the Academic Governance of NSCAD University



    • 2017 Financial Statements

    • 2016 Financial Statements

    • 2015 Financial Statements

    • 2014 Financial Statements

    • 2013 Financial Statements

    • 2012 Financial Statements

    • 2017 Public Sector Disclosure Act Report

    • 2016 Public Sector Disclosure Act Report

    • 2015 Public Sector Disclosure Act Report

    • 2014 Public Sector Disclosure Act Report

    • Mission Statement

    • Organizational Chart

    • President Employment Contract


  Board of Governors

    • Act of NSCAD

    • By-Laws of NSCAD University and Board of Governors Committees


  Employee Information

    • New Faculty

    • Union Exempt Handbook


  Collective Agreements

    • FUNSCAD Unit 1 - Faculty

    • LOA #5 - Promotion and Tenure

    • FUNSCAD Unit 2 - Technical and Educational Resource

    • NSGEU - Support Staff


  Occupational Health and Safety

    • Emergency Procedures Manual

    • First Aid Trained Staff

    • OHS Meeting Minutes


  General Documentation

    • Atlantic Common University Dataset (ACUDS) 2010—2011

    • NSCAD University Brand Guidelines [Identity Standards and Logos]

    • Wireless Network Directions

University Publications


  Annual Reports

    • 2016-2017 Electronic format

    • 2015-2016 Electronic format

    • 2014-2015 PDF format

    • 2013-2014 PDF format

    • 2012-2013 PDF format

    • 2011-2012 PDF format

    • 2010-2011 PDF format

    • 2009-2010 Electronic format

    • 2009-2010 PDF format


  Bilateral Report

    • Bilateral Report, Institutional Outlook



    • NSCAD University Space Utilization Study


  Donor Reports

    • 2010-2011 Electronic format

    • 2009-2010 Electronic format


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    •Application for Life Modelling

    • Cheque Requisition 

    • Tuition Reduction Form

    • Event Organizer Form

    • Honorarium for Guest Lecturer and Visiting Artist

    •Hiring Authorization and Job Change Form

    • Hotel Reservation Request Form (Microsoft Word document)

    • Incident Report Form

    • Locker Application

    • Material Fee Change Form

    • Office space use request form

    • Permission to Use College Facilities After 5pm

    • Permission to Use College Facilities Between Terms

    • Petty Cash Replenishment Form (Microsoft Excel file)

    • Professional Development Reimbursement Claim Form (Unit I)

    • Professional Development Reimbursement Claim Form (Unit II)

    • Purchasing in Colleague User Manual

    • Release Form (Re. Recording of Public Events)

    • Research Grant in Lieu of Salary

    • Request for Transcript of Academic Record

    • Shop & Studio Security Access Card Application

    • Timetable Change Form (for Division Chairs)

    • Travel Claim Form (Microsoft Excel file)

    • Travel Waiver

 2016-2017 Annual Report

We are pleased to present NSCAD University’s 2016-2017 Annual Report. To mark NSCAD's 130th anniversary year in 2017, the report has the theme of the "ripple effect," showing how decisions taken in the past reverberate in the present. "A human life made up of choices. Choices we make every day, choices we take forever to make, or choices we never make," said Solmaz Asheri (BFA 2017, BA 2017) in her valedictorian address at NSCAD's 2017 Graduation Ceremony. "One decision, one choice, can set out a ripple effect into the ocean that is our lives."