Faculty in Schools

 NSCAD University is world-leader in art education. Our faculty are professional artists, designers and academics that exhibit and lecture nationally and internationally. The list of awards and honours they receive annually is truly impressive. NSCAD students benefit from the mentorship of our exceptional faculty.

“The faculty supported me to push boundaries, find new ways of working and focus on themes that are meaningful in my life.”
Sol Legault, BFA ‘10

Through the NSCAD Faculty in Schools Program, we invite you to welcome our faculty to your classrooms to share their expertise and help inform and inspire your students too. Art, design, and visual culture inform many areas of study in and out of the art room. In addition to our faculty visiting your art and design classes, why not invite a painter to a math class, a sculptor to an English class or an art historian to a sociology class? Creativity is relevant to all pursuits.

“NSCAD is a place of immense creativity and intellectual challenge and I wanted to be in that environment.”
Jennifer Green, BFA ‘08

“My studies at NSCAD are the most enduring influence on my work.”
Rhonda Rubenstien, BFA ’83
Creative Director, California Academy of Sciences

Participating Faculty:
Jane Milton: Writing for and about Art
Adrian Fish: Photography, Media Arts
Christine Holzer-Hunt: Foundation Design
Bruce Barber: Film History Topics
Ericka Walker: Printmaking
May Chung: Graphic Design, Typography
David Clark: Video, Media Art, Film, Intermedia

Christopher Kaltenbach: Interdisciplinary Design
Rebecca Hannon: Pop-Up book making,Paper structure/brick challenge workshop,Mobiles/Stabiles, Personal Artist lecture
Matthew Reichertz: Drawing/Painting
Craig Leonard: Intermedia art practice, artist talk
Max Haiven: Art and Economics, Art and Politics, Art and Society
Frances Dorsey: Textiles, Women and Art, Sustainability and Fashion/textiles/dyes
Neil Forrest: Ceramics, Drawing, 3D Design
Robin Muller: Textiles and Contemporary Craft
Marlene Ivey: Design
Barbara Lounder: Walking and Art (illustrated Work and Participatory Workshop)
Rory MacDonald: Lectures Contemporary Sculpture, Ceramics, Contemporary Design, Colour History and Ceramics
Marylin MacKay: Art History

Sandra Alfoldy: Craft and Popular culture
Anna Sprague: Performance art, Constructed Forms, Modeled Forms

Gary Markle: Fashion/Textiles Design

 If you would like to arrange a Faculty visit to your school, please contact ADMISSIONS at (902) 494-8259  or