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From the Board of Governors Meeting and AGM of September 21, 2017

Hello and Goodbye

Grant Machum completed his term with the Board.  A partner with Stewart McKelvey Lawyers, Grant joined the NSCAD Board of Governors as a Governor at Large in 2010.  He became the chair of the board two years later, serving during a difficult time for NSCAD when the university was under intense government scrutiny.  At a donor reception later in the evening, Grant admitted the past seven years haven't always been easy but that board members stayed strong and united, solidly supportive of NSCAD's independence and its unique role in the province's cultural landscape.  He added the university is in good hands with President Dianne Taylor-Gearing at the helm.

Rob Cameron (BDes 2001) also completed his term with the Board.  Appointed a Governor at Large in 2011, Rob brought a unique skill set to the board table as an alumnus, designer and businessman (he is president of Windmill U-Store).  His service to the board included the Financial & Physical Resources Committee, Audit & Risk Oversight Committee, Development, and Windsor committees.  Rob, who always models student jewelry at the Starfish Student Art Awards with such aplomb, also served as Vice-Chair of the Board of Governors from 2016-2017.

With warm applause, the Board acknowledged the leadership of the two departing governors has been invaluable to the Board and the NSCAD community as a whole.  At the Annual General Meeting which followed, both were appointed Life Governors in recognition of their years of dedicated service to NSCAD University.

Joining the NSCAD Board of Governor at Large is Jeff Burns.  A graduate of Dalhousie University, the Bedford resident is a Director and Team Leader with CIBC - Retail Markets - Commercial Banking.  He also serves on the board for Dartmouth Adult Services Centre.

Louise-Ann Comeau, Chair of Audit & Risk Oversight Committee, Matthew MacLellan, Chair of Governance & Human Resources Committee and Alan MacPherson, Chair of Financial & Physical Resources Committee, renewed their terms for an additional three years.

The terms of Dr. Rudi Meyer, Associate Professor, Design, and Rory MacDonald, Associate Professor, Craft, ended September 2017.  Both NSCAD professors have agreed to serve an additional one-year term.

Board Secretary Kim Knoll has stepped down as secretary, with Sean Kelly, an associate at Stewart McKelvey, taking on the role; her term as Governor-in-Council will end in December 2017.  Similarly, Ian Austen's term as Governor-in-Council will be complete in December; he stepped down as Senate and Faculty Forum representative, roles which Cameron Jantzen (BDes 2003) will assume for a one-year term.  An alumni representative to the Board, he is the owner of Rarebird, a brand strategy, graphic and web design firm in Halifax.


Life Governor Appointments

  • Grant Machum
  • Rob Cameron

Officers of the Board and Committee Chairs 

The officers of the Board were appointed:

  • Jeff Somerville, Chair
  • Dave van de Wetering, Vice-Chair
  • Alan MacPherson, Treasurer
  • Sean Kelly, Secretary

The Chairs of the subcommittees of the Board were appointed:
  • Matthew MacLellan, Governance & Human Resources
  • Louise-Anne Comeau, Audit & Risk Oversight
  • Elizabeth Currie, Advancement
  • Alan MacPherson, Financial & Physical Resources

NSCAD Delivering on Strategic Framework and Strategic Planning Documents

The President reported that building upon the successful alignment of NSCAD's key strategy and planning documents in 2015-16 and 2016-17, the focus of 2017-18 will continue to be NSCAD's long-term sustainability.  "We must keep our eyes high and continue to work together to achieve long term sustainability for NSCAD to thrive and achieve its audacious plans for the future," she said.

Guests - NSCAD 130th Anniversary Year

Attending the 130th Anniversary AGM were a number of esteemed guests:

  • Life Governors: Dr. Robert Geraghty; Van Penick; and Greg Silver.
  • Honourary Governors: Paul Goodman, Dr. David Murphy
  • Life Fellows: Professor Emeritus, H. Dennis Young; and Dr. Rowland Marshall

Annual Report Presented at AGM

The President presented the NSCAD Annual Report 2016-17 to the AGM.  The report's innovative design and content have the theme of the "ripple effect", celebrating the contributions of NSCAD's founders 130 years ago and how their actions continue to resonate today.

The annual report is available by email request (nscad.ca) and on the Governance page of the NSCAD website. 

Appointment of Auditors

The NSCAD Board of Governors appointed Deloitte as the external auditor for 2017-2018.

Many Thanks

During its Annual General Meeting (AGM), the NSCAD Board of Governors took time to express their appreciation to the students, faculty, staff, alumni, donor, Government of Nova Scotia and the community at large.

Next Meeting

The next meeting of the NSCAD Board of Governors is scheduled for November 23, 2017.

To advance an issue to the Board or address the Board, please contact Kathy Connor, Executive Assistant Governance & President's Office at kconnor@nscad.ca or 902-494-8114.

Items must be received for consideration a minimum of 10 days prior to the meeting date.

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2016–2017 Annual Report


We are pleased to present NSCAD University’s 2016-2017 Annual Report. To mark NSCAD's 130th anniversary year in 2017, the report has the theme of the "ripple effect," showing how decisions taken in the past reverberate in the present. "A human life made up of choices. Choices we make every day, choices we take forever to make, or choices we never make," said Solmaz Asheri (BFA 2017, BA 2017) in her valedictorian address at NSCAD's 2017 Graduation Ceremony. "One decision, one choice, can set out a ripple effect into the ocean that is our lives."