Expression of Thanks

On behalf of the NSCAD Board of Governors, I express my sincere thanks to our outgoing President.

Since arriving at NSCAD University in January 2012 as the Province’s facilitator, Dr. Daniel O’Brien later agreed to stay as President, assuming the role in May 2012. In all his dealings, he has brought a high degree of integrity, transparency and trust to NSCAD and how we operate. He has led us to a place of success and new hope.  While describing himself as an “outsider,” he has been a tireless advocate for the University, its students and those who work here. He so often expressed his amazement at the accomplishments of our faculty and alumni, remarking that he never had a shortage of “talking points.” He even became a student during his tenure, taking a class on the art of the 19th century with Professor David Howard.

In his 27 months as President of NSCAD, Dr. O'Brien achieved two three-year contracts with faculty and technician unions, played a key role in the 125 Anniversary celebrations and supported and attended every special event: I AM NSCAD, Starfish Student Art Awards, Artist for a Day, Dine by Design and ROAR: An Art Auction.

He was also instrumental in a comprehensive overhaul of the Board of Governance structure, completion of the ECS Space Study and the ATN Affiliation Study, and the dramatic reduction of NSCAD's operating deficit. It is hard to imagine anyone else making such an impact in such a short, concentrated period of time.

In accepting the job of President, Dr. O'Brien's aim was to make NSCAD better than the way he found it. he accomplished that, and indeed much more.

NSCAD is deeply grateful for Dr. O'Brien's wise, steady and fiesty guidance. We wish him all the best in his next presidential post

Grant Machum
Chair, NSCAD Board of Governors

A Warm Welcome

On behalf of the Board of Governors, I am delighted to welcome Professor Dianne Taylor-Gearing to NSCAD University. In her role as President, she becomes our 21st leader, and comes to us in a time of renewal and rejuvenation. As we continue to improve our financial situation and finalize a new Strategic Re-Visioning Plan, Dianne's known team-building approach will ensure we all move forward together. She has substantial experience with providing guidance in times of change, and I am sure we are in the right hands for our continued improvement.

As an art educator, fashion designer and seasoned administrator, Dianne has substantial experience working with independent arts institutions in the UK, United States and Canada. We on the Board are excited to work with her.

Grant Machum
Chair, NSCAD Board of Governors.


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