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From the Board of Governors Meeting of February 16, 2017

Living Our Values - Respect, Pride, Collegiality and Trust

In the President’s November report to the Board she reflected upon NSCAD’s values of Respect, Pride, Collegiality and Trust mindful of our collective commitment to being a welcoming inclusive and diverse community in times of uncertain change in the world.

Living our Values NSCAD has reached out to the Association of Independent Colleges of Art and Design (AICAD) and joined with the four Canadian Independent Colleges of Art and Design to welcome international art students affected by the U.S. President’s Executive Order on Refugees and Immigrants.  The consortium of the leading 42 specialized schools of visual arts and design in North America the AICAD schools have a long established exchange program in place among its member institutions for enrolled students to study and transfer their credits.

In delivering the President’s report, President Taylor-Gearing stated that AICAD leaders and the AICAD community hold NSCAD in high esteem and our support at this time is recognized and appreciated.


Justine Somogyi, Special Project Advisor, reporting to the President joined NSCAD on January 3, 2017.  Justine is working with the Senior Management Team (SMT) to lead and deliver a NSCAD implementation plan based upon the HESA report findings and recommendations.  The project is complex and will require a full-time focus to provide NSCAD with a plan to revitalize its student recruitment, admission, enrolment management and retention goals.

Student Experience at NSCAD University

Associate Vice President Student Experience and Registrar presented an outline of the Student Experience Plan for NSCAD University to Faculty Forum at the January 16, 2017 meeting.  The plan will include all aspects of the Student Experience portfolio and dovetail with the NSCAD Strategic Enrolment Plan aligning with NSCAD's Strategic Framework, Academic Plan: Towards 2020, Strategic Research Plan and NSCAD's Five Year Financial Forecast and Outcome Agreement.

    • The Plan will be a series of strategies to further develop an exceptional student experience at NSCAD University
  • Includes all aspects of Student Experience with a 3-5 year full implementation plan
  • Consultations with students, faculty and staff are underway with Alumni and other stakeholder groups
    • The plan will be completed by the end of the Winter 2017

NSCAD Celebrates - Governor General 2017 Awards

Kudos to Jewellery Artist and NSCAD Professor Pamela Ritchie.  She is the winner of the 2017 Saidye Bronfman Award for Excellence in Fine Craft.  Pamela (BFA 1975, MFA 1982) joins six other NSCAD University Saidye Bronfman Award Laureates:

Paul McClure (BFA 1989) in 2015, Sandra Brownlee (BEd, BFA 1971, NSCAD faculty) in 2014, Greg Payce (MFA 1987) in 2013, Charles Lewton-Brain (BFA 1978) in 2012, Kye-Yeon Son (NSCAD faculty) in 2011 and NSCAD Professor Emeritus Walter Ostrom in 2003.

Also receiving a Governor General's Award for Visual and Media Arts is Landon Mackenzie (BFA 1976), a professor at Emily Carr University.  Parallel Journey, an exhibition of work by Landon Mackenzie, is now on display a the Dalhousie Art Gallery.  Landon Mackenzie's honor brings the total NSCAD (alumni and faculty) Governor General's Laureates to 16.

Next Meeting

The next meeting of the NSCAD Board of Governors is scheduled for March 30, 2017.

To advance an issue to the Board or address the Board, please contact Kathy Connor, Executive Assistant Governance & President's Office at kconnor@nscad.ca or 902-494-8114.

Items must be received for consideration a minimum of 10 days prior to the meeting date.

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2015–2016 Annual Report

NSCAD Annual Report 2015-2016

We are pleased to present NSCAD University’s 2015–2016 Annual Report. Throughout the report, follow our timeline capturing a year in the life of NSCAD—beginning with events such as the opening of I AM NSCAD, a landmark exhibition which brought together the works of more than 160 alumni artists while at the same time unveiling exciting renovations at the Anna Leonowens Gallery. From there, it was just one highlight after another—our 129th year was truly an outstanding one.