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Board Briefs

From the Board of Governors meeting of April 23, 2015

Working Together Works

The governors were pleased to review, and ultimately approve, the budget for 2015/16. While presenting a deficit, this budget offers several changes that pave the way for a balanced budget in 2016/17.

The amount of consultation and conversation that went into preparing this extensive document is impressive, and a testament to the success that can be achieved when faculty, students and staff work in community. The leaders of this process received the thanks of the governors.

Students Excel

Chair Grant Machum, on behalf of the Board of Governors, presented outgoing student governors Caleb Hung and Yalitsa Riden with certificates of thanks for their exemplary service to the Board and to NSCAD. They have been passionate and considerate members of the Board, providing insight on the student experience and championing NSCAD’s continued success. The governors wish them joy and fulfillment in their future endeavours.

Showcasing NSCAD

The President gave the governors an overview of the recent AUCC (now Universities Canada) event that took place recently at the Port Campus. This dinner brought the presidents and administrators from 110 post-secondary institutions to NSCAD, where they were impressed with the facility and the artwork that surrounded them. They heard about the thriving post-secondary sector in Nova Scotia from Minister Kelly Regan and from Mayor Mike Savage, both of whom spoke in support of Nova Scotia’s universities.

Seeing the Future

The President created quite a buzz when she unveiled the design for NSCAD’s Strategic Framework. This colourful, concise piece declares our direction and our values. Designed by Siobhan Cleary (NSCAD B.Des 1993) of Spectacle Group whom has a deep understanding and empathy with NSCAD, it is a design solution that reflects our culture and creativity. It is available on our website if you haven’t yet seen it - click here.

The next meeting of the NSCAD Board of Governors is scheduled for May 28, 2015.



2015/16 Meetings Schedule

Agendas are set and circulated 7 days prior to each meeting.

To advance an issue to the Board or address the Board, please contact Kathy Connor, Executive Assistant Governance at kconnor@nscad.ca or 494-8168. Items must be received for consideration a minimum of 10 days prior to the meeting date.


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We are pleased to present NSCAD University’s 2013–2014 Annual Report. The rich texture images throughout the report are inspired by the stirring words made by Margaret Fountain in announcing a $3 million gift for the school. This announcement lifts all of us at NSCAD as we move forward with optimism and pride, having made tremendous strides in just a few years. Read on for the details.