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Board Briefs

From the Board of Governors Meeting and AGM of September 22, 2016

Hello and Goodbye

John Carruthers, Board Treasurer and Chair of the Financial & Physical Resources Committee completed his three (3) year term as a Governor-at-Large. 

Mary Elizabeth (ME) Luka, Alumni Association representative completed her three (3) year term. 

The Board acknowledged their support and leadership has been invaluable to the Board and the NSCAD community.

Joining the NSCAD Board are Faten Alshazly as a Governor-in-Council.  Faten is the Principal and Chief Creative Officer of WeUsThem Inc.  Also joining the Governors are Faculty representatives Rudi Meyer, Associate Professor, Design and Rory MacDonald, Associate Professor, Ceramics. Roy is currently Chair of Senate and Faculty Forum. Cameron Jantzen joins the Board as an Alumni representative.  Cameron is an award winning Creative Director and Owner at Rarebird. Siobhan Cleary joined the Board in February 2016 and was installed for a second term as an Alumni representative.  Siobhan is President and Creative Director of Spectacle Group.

Departures include Faculty representatives Rebecca Young whose term ended on September 22, 2016.  The Board is grateful for her dedicated service.

Jeff Somerville, current Board Chair and Grant Machum, past Board Chair renewed their terms for an additional three (3) years. 

Officers of the Board and Committee Chairs

The officers of the Board were appointed:

Jeff Somerville, Chair
Robert (Rob) Cameron, Vice Chair
Alan MacPherson, Treasurer
Kim Knoll, Secretary

As John Carruthers steps down, Alan MacPherson takes over the role of Treasurer.

The Chairs of the subcommittees of the Board were appointed:

Matthew MacLellan, Governance and Human Resources
Louise-Anne Comeau, Audit and Risk Oversight
Elizabeth Currie, Advancement
Alan MacPherson, Financial and Physical Resources

Alan MacPherson takes over the role of Chair of Financial and Physical Resources as John Carruthers steps down.

Enterprise Risk Management Master Risk Reporting Template 

The Board was presented with the Master Risk Reporting Template.  After a year of implementation, the Enterprise Risk Management framework continues to evolve and the approach will continue to be fine-tuned to ensure there is a solid foundation of core traditional risk management, while providing a framework to foster broader strategic and operational risk management. 

Annual Report Presented at AGM

NSCAD’s 2015-16 Annual Report was presented at the September 22 Board of Governors Annual General Meeting. The Annual Report presents an incredibly full year, with so many accomplishments to be shared and recognized.  

Appointment of Auditors

The NSCAD Board of Governors appointed Deloitte as external auditors for 2016/2017.

Many Thanks

During its Annual General Meeting, the NSCAD Board of Governors took time to express their appreciation to the students, faculty, staff, alumni, donors, Government of Nova Scotia, to the community at large and to three (3) outgoing Governors. 

Next Meeting

The next meeting of the Board of Governors is scheduled for November 24, 2016

To advance an issue to the Board or address the Board, please contact Kathy Connor, Executive Assistant Governance & President's Office at kconnor@nscad.ca or 494-8114. Items must be received for consideration a minimum of 10 days prior to the meeting date.

Board of Governors

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 All Committees may schedule special meetings as needed.

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2014–2015 Annual Report


We are pleased to present NSCAD University’s 2014–2015 Annual Report. The report is inspired by NSCAD's Strategic Framework and its four pillars: Nurture, Curiosity, Steward and Connect.