2016 Research Hangouts
January 25, 2016

NSCAD’s Research Hangouts are back. Initiated last year and hosted by Prof. Max Haiven, the hangouts are an invitation to learn about the creative and academic research going on at NSCAD University in a relaxed, social atmosphere. They take place every Wednesday at 5 to 7 pm throughout the winter semester at NSCAD’s Art Bar + Projects, 1871 Granville Street.

“NSCAD has a research culture that’s supportive and exploratory,” says Prof. Haiven, who teaches in Art History and Critical Studies. “Research at other universities tends to be very professionalized and there’s a real push to publish and gain recognition. But I would say at NSCAD that artists are doing different forms of inquiry, and that research begins from a place of encouragement and support.”

The theme for the series is “participation.” It kicked off last week with a presentation by the Arts East team (Karin Cope, Carla Taunton, Jayne Wark, Maeghan Banks and Claire Dykhuis) who presented on “Arts East: Building an Arts Magazine in Atlantic Canada.”

Here’s a look at upcoming Hangouts:

  • Wednesday, Jan. 27: "Truly Canadian Authentic Indian Dreamcatchers: An Engaging Critical Discussion About Biases of Indigenous People and How it Forms our Perceptions and Dialogs About Indigenous Art” by Raven Davis, Art and Activism Artist in Residence.
  • Wednesday, Feb. 3: “From Olympic Village to Tropical Island: An Historical Investigation of Berlin” by Adrian Fish, Associate Professor, Photography.
  • Wednesday, Feb. 10: Research talk by Zach Gough, guest artist. He will be talking about his work with Weird Allan Kaprow, a conceptual karaoke art-band.
  • Wednesday, Feb. 24: Film and discussion of filmmaking as research or not research for filmmaking by Darrell Varga, Chair, Art History and Critical Studies.
  • Wednesday, March 2: Research talk by Cassie Thornton, guest artist. She will present past work and will conduct a job interview with the entire room in preparation for her upcoming project in conjunction with MayWorks Halifax 2016.
  • Wednesday, March 9: Research talk by David Clark, Associate Professor, Intermedia.
  • Wednesday, March 16: Research talk by Lucca Fraser, a Halifax-based critical theorist and programmer who specializes in artificial intelligence, and also a contributor to the Xenofeminist Manifesto.
  • Wednesday, March 23: “Traversing the Mind Fields – The Printed Image, Global Knowledge toward the World Wide Web” by Mark Bovey, Associate Professor, Fine Arts.
  • Wednesday, March 30: “Littoral Art & Communicative Action: New Examples of Participation” by Bruce Barber, Professor, Intermedia.