Board briefs
February 4, 2014

News from the January 23 meeting of the Board of Governors
Institute of Applied Creativity

Gregor Ash, Director of the Institute of Applied Creativity, gave a presentation to the Board describing the success of this new venture. There are exciting projects underway down at the IAC, including the SMU Data Cave as part of the Immersive Design Lab, and projects in the Healthy Aging Lab. The IAC director continues to work on garnering funding to support projects, with positive projections for the coming year (Volta Labs, NS Economic Rural Development & Tourism, Halifax MakerSpace). Gregor ended his presentation by providing an update on infrastructure improvements via the provincial University Excellence & Innovation Fund that will see installation of collaboration and smart classrooms technology that will impact all three NSCAD campuses. “The Innovation funding from the Province will vastly improve all technology at NSCAD in very significant ways.” Kathleen Tetlock, Director, Multimedia Services.

Faculty appointments

The Board of Governors is pleased to approve second appointments for Assistant Professor Ericka Walker of the Fine Arts Division, and Assistant Professor Carla Taunton of the Division of Historical and Critical Studies.

Alumni in attendance

Members of the Alumni Association were invited to attend the January 23rd meeting. Discussion around the table focused on how the two groups can work together on specific projects to increase awareness and success for all. Recommendations included increased participation, and a focus on communication between the Board and the Association.

Planning for progress

With the Space Utilization Study completed and under consideration (you can read it here), the Board is eager to get the results from the Affiliation Study, which are expected in another month. The Comprehensive Strategic Re-visioning and Strategic Planning report is the other big project underway, and initial feedback from that study is already proving to be rich and varied. The progress of NSCAD will be informed and steered by the results of these three reports.

The next Board of Governors meeting will be held on March 27, 2014.

- by Andrea Murray, executive assistant to the Board of Governors