Caitlin Barrie's textile creations featured at Mississippi Valley Textile Museum
March 11, 2011

Textile artist Caitlin Barrie, BFA 09, recently wrote to say she spent last fall as artist-in-residence at the Mississippi Valley Textile Museum  in Almonte, Ontario, demonstrating her weaving techniques and fine textiles to visitors.

So impressed was everyone with Caitlin’s creations that the Museum recently hosted an exhibition of her work in a show entitled Colour and Weave, which ran from February 12 to March 5.

The February 2011 edition of The Humm,  an independent newspaper covering arts and entertainment in the Ottawa Valley, featured Caitlin and her work in an item entitled "Caitlin Barrie – Weaving Fields of Colour" by Sally Hansen.  Here's a brief excerpt from the article:

...Ottawa Valley area artist Caitlin Barrie weaves fields of colour on looms to generate excitement and emotional responses to her "canvasses." For each work, she creates her pallette of colours by plying, over-dying and bleaching out areas of commercially dried yarns. Then she weaves them into visually stimulating colour fields, with the goal of elevating an ancient craft into a fine art....

NSCAD was a wonderful experience for Caitlin. The school’s unofficial motto, inscribed inside her Alumni ring, is "nolo facere insipida," after John Baldessari’s lithograph,"I Will Not Make Any More Boring Art." The first year of the arts program is NSCAD is designed to let students discover their passion. After experimenting with welding, woodworking, printmaking, painting, sculpture and other artistic media, Caitlin returned to her roots. She comes from a tradition of textile artists. Her Dutch grandmother is "an amazing seamstress and knitter." Her paternal grandmother is a member of the “Crazy Quilters”, and her mother is a botanical watercolour artist.
“There is nothing more satisfying than the feel of fibre running through my hands,” she tells me. She expands in her artist’s statement:  “The sounds of clicking needles, spinning bobbins, and flying shuttles are amazing - like heartbeats, pumping life and greater purpose into the fabrics they yield. I strive to create extraordinary textiles that create delight in the eyes and minds of all who see them.”