NSCAD talent prominent at Cheongjiu International Craft Biennale
November 30, 2009

More than 30 NSCAD alumni and faculty were among the 208 artists represented in Unity & Diversity, the Canadian exhibition—and featured pavilion—at the recent 2009 Cheongjiu International Craft Biennale in South Korea.

Organized by the Canadian Crafts Federation (CCF) and curated by NSCAD associate professor Dr. Sandra Alfoldy, Unity & Diversity featured 212 pieces, making this the largest juried exhibition of Canadian craft anywhere. The Cheongjiu International Craft Biennale, regarded as the leading international symposium for craft in the world, ran from September 23 to November 1 and attracted close to 600,000 visitors.

“Being selected as the featured pavilion for this prestigious event was a tremendous international honour that exposed the talents of Canadian craftspeople to the world,” says Alfoldy.

More than 1600 images were originally submitted to CCF regional juries for consideration.  From the selected pieces and artists’ statements, Alfoldy organized the works under seven themes: Water, Land, Contact, Flora and Fauna, Arrivals, Myth and Metaphor. 

“The title for this show could have been ‘Unity through Diversity’ since the art works demonstrated that Canada is home to a dynamic, inspired craft community, one that is defined through rich layers of difference,” she adds. “In fact, the two areas of our work that intrigued Korean audiences most dealt with multiculturalism and aboriginal art.”

A scaled-down version of Unity & Diversity will open January 13 at the Museum of Vancouver as part of the 2010 Winter Olympics’ Cultural Olympiad. Alfoldy has already selected the 70 pieces for this exhibition. Plans are underway to take the exhibition across Canada following the Olympics.

Among the NSCAD-educated emerging and established artists plus faculty members participating in the 2009 Cheongjiu International Craft Biennale were:

 - Catherine Allen, MFA ‘07
 - Beth Biggs, BFA ’83, BA ‘83
 - Wilma Butts
 - Bruce Cochrane, BFA ‘76
 - Katrina Chaytor, BFA ‘83
 - Sylvia Cheng, visiting student ‘09
 - Ying-Yueh Chuang, MFA ‘01
 - Caitlin Erskine-Smith, BFA ‘09
 - Neil Forrest, Professor (Ceramics)
 - Martha Glenny, BFA ‘84
 - Elizabeth Goluch, BFA ‘76
 - Sin-Ying Ho, BFA ‘97
 - Debra Kuszyk, BFA ‘83
 - Charles Lewton-Brain, BFA ‘78
 - Alan Lacovetsky, BFA ‘79
 - Ray Mackie, BFA ‘78
 - Paul McClure, BFA ‘89
 - Dorrie Millerson, MFA’ 03
 - Robin Muller, Associate Professor (Textiles)
 - Grace Nickel, MFA ‘08
 - Gregory Payce, MFA ‘87
 - Ann Pocket, BFA ‘09
 - Pamela Ritchie, BFA ’75, MFA ’82, Associate Professor (Jewellery & Metal)
 - Jim Smith, BFA ‘89
 - Kye-Yeon Son, Associate Professor (Jewellery & Metal)
 - Donald Stuart
 - Karen Thiessen, BFA ‘99
 - Anneke van Bommel, BFA ‘01
 - Meghan Wagg, BFA ‘03
 - Linda Yates, BFA ‘85
 - Patrycja Zwierzynska, BFA ‘07

Jim Smith, BFA '89. Platter with Mosquitoes