Photo series by Chris McFarlane featured in English edition of "Exposed Memories"
December 21, 2010

The photo series “This is a Photograph of Me, 1991” by Chris McFarlane, BFA ‘94, and Program Coordinator in the School of Extended Studies, has been featured in the essay “Visualizing Male Homosexuality in the Family Album” by Logan Sisley and published in the English edition of Exposed Memories: Family Pictures in Private and Collective Memory.

Exposed Memories, a collection of selected papers from a conference of the same title, is published by Central European University. In the words of the publisher:

“Within the larger context of cultural memory, family pictures have become one of the most intriguing multi- and interdisciplinary fields of investigation in the past decade. This field brings together artists working in different media (e.g. documentary photography and film, photo-based painting and installations, digital art, collage, montage, comics, etc.) as well as academics, critics, theorists and writers working in a wide range of disciplines, including literature, history, art history, sociology, anthropology, psychoanalysis, film and media studies, visual culture studies, gender studies, post-colonial studies, and word and image studies. This volume intends to offer a broad, panoramic view of the topic combining West and East European as well as American perspectives.”

Exposed Memories is edited by Zsofia Ban, Associate Professor, Department of American Studies, ELTE, Budapest, and Hedvig Turai, an art historian living in Budapest.