A gallery of design – Honorariums and Honourable Mentions
May 31, 2013

First honorarium – Barriers by Brittney Annand
Brittney Annand
I created Barriers because disabilities are a very important and personal subject for me. My mother has degenerative disc disease and my stepfather broke his back and went blind in one eye due to a work accident. Both are now considered permanently disabled and for the last 10 years I have seen their disabilities affect and change how they interact with the world but have never stopped them. Instead the biggest hurdles they had to overcome were how others viewed them and how the disabled or 'differently abled' are seen and interacted within this country. Thank you for your time.

– Brittney Annand, brittney.a.annand@gmail.com, Advanced Illustration with Jeff Domm
Second honorarium – Bleeding us dry by Stephanie L. Young
 Stephanie Young lr
I sincerely enjoyed working on this project. As someone who is actively involved in the local queer community and whose partner is trans, I was glad to be able to educate others on the issues surrounding trans rights. In doing my research, I was able to have conversations with people on the issues that matter most, and I hope that my work will generate similar discussions around the province and the country. I look forward to contributing to similar initiatives in the future.

– Stephanie L. Young, stephanie.lynn.young@gmail.com, Advanced Illustration with Jeff Domm
Third honorarium – This is who I am by Robert J. Ewanchuk
 Robert Ewanchuk new
Working on this poster has strengthened my understanding of transgender people. I feel empowered by my new understanding; it gives me the strength to help others understand and better accept transgender people.

– Robert J. Ewanchuk, robertewanchuk@gmail.com, Design Studio 4 with Lorely Gaunt
Honourable Mention – Different Cultures, Same Love by Sixue Cui
 Sixue Cui
This experience has made me understand the deep meaning of cultural diversity. Now I understand the value of cultural diversity and how important it is for our society. Related to my own experience as an international student, I hope to keep working on promoting the idea that cultural diversity helps us to build a better community.

– Sixue Cui, cuisixue@hotmail.com, Design Studio 4 with May Chung
Honourable Mention – Monsters by Jessica Korderas
 Jessica Korderas new
I found the experience of researching cyber bullying from a human rights perspective harder than I had expected. Having been bullied as a child, I found it heartbreaking to read about the torment children still go through, and because of social media, often in much harsher and more invasive ways than in the past. It forced me to look into an issue I do not have interaction with any longer–not having children myself–and remembering that though it is in the past for me, bullying is still a very serious and pressing issue today.

– Jessica Korderas, jmkrdrs@mta.ca, Advanced Illustration with Jeff Domm
Honourable Mention – White Privilege by Sebastian Tory-Pratt
 Sebastian TP new
Working on this project showed me the blindness Canadian society can have to race issues. It saddens me that it took this project to finally generate the first real discussions about race relations I have ever had in an academic institution, but I am excited to learn more and become a better ally.

– Sebastian Tory-Pratt, s.tory.pratt@gmail.com, Design Studio 4 with Lorely Gaunt
Honourable Mention – Words are Power by Zhenshuo Anfia Lin
 Zhenshuo Anfia Lin
This project made me really start to think about freedom of speech, to think about it without regional limitations, and within all different kinds of communication formats. I am trying to raise the awareness of our unintentional neglect to the power of words for both verbal and written expression, and that these important messages surround us in our daily life.

– Zhenshuo Anfia Lin, anfias@gmail.com, Design Studio 4 with May Chung