A gallery of design – Cultural diversity
May 31, 2013

A world with no cultural diversity by Alicia Apesteguy

 Alicia Apesteguy2
Spending the last semester studying cultural diversity as a human right and its importance in our society has been a very rewarding experience for me. Although this poster design seems very simple, my research was anything but. I have learned that cultural diversity is essential to our world. This poster raises the question "What would our world be like with no cultural diversity?

– Alicia A. Apesteguy, aliciaapesteguy@hotmail.com, Design Studio 4 with Lorely Gaunt
Different Cultures, Same Love by Sixue Cui
 Sixue Cui
This experience has made me understand the deeper meaning of cultural diversity. Now I understand the value of cultural diversity and how important it is for our society. Related to my own experience as an international student, I hope to keep working on promoting the idea that cultural diversity helps us to build a better community.

– Sixue Cui, cuissixue@hotmail.com, Design Studio 4 with May Chung
You don't need a festival, celebrate cultural diversity by Stephanie McVicar
 Stephanie McVicar
This project has brought to my attention the senstivity and awareness for how cultural diversity should be represented. It has opened my eyes to the fact that generalizations and assumptions are often not useful -- inspiring me to continue to respect and expand my knowledge on this subject.

– Stephanie McVicar, smmcvicar@gmail.com, Design Studio 4 with May Chung
Cut from the Same Cloth by Heather V. Tulloch
 Heather Tulloch lr
Through the creation of the cloth I had the opportunity to hear some incredible stories from wonderful people; it was through that experience that I chose to pursue the creation of this physical, tactile object. Each stitch tells a story of life, love, loss and fellowship, a true submergence into the fabric of what makes each of us human.

– Heather V. Tulloch, heathertullochdesign@gmail.com, Design Studio 4 with Lorely Gaunt
 Share our similarities, celebrate our differences by Simone M. Uriartt
 Simone Uriartt
It is fascinating to reflect on culture, considering the current disagreements between faiths, countries, policies and customs all over the world. Why don't we celebrate our differences instead of attempting to dominate each other?

– Simone Uriartt, suriartt@gmail.com, Advanced Illustration with Jeff Domm