A gallery of design - Disability Issues
June 3, 2013

Barriers by Brittney Annand
Brittney Annand
I created Barriers because disabilities are a very important and personal subject for me. My mother has degenerative disc disease and my stepfather broke his back and went blind in one eye due to a work accident. Both are now considered permanently disabled and for the last 10 years I have seen their disabilities affect and change how they interact with the world but have never stopped them. Instead the biggest hurdles they had to overcome were how others viewed them and how the disabled or 'differently abled' are seen and interacted within this country. Thank you for your time.

– Brittney Annand, brittney.a.annand@gmail.com, Advanced Illustration with Jeff Domm
 Homelessness and Mental Disability by Adam M. Creurer
 Adam Creurer

The research I did for my human rights poster led me to learn a lot more about my chosen subject than I knew going into it. Through my research, I found that people with severe mental illnesses are over-represented in the homeless population and that homeless people with mental illness are at a disadvantage compared to other homeless people: they are often homeless longer and have a harder time finding employment. I found out about program aimed at helping with this issue and what cities are doing.

– Adam M. Creurer, adam_creurer@hotmail.com, Advanced Illustration with Jeff Domm

Sometimes getting there is only half the problem by Jing Jin
 Jing Jin
My experience with this project was very enlightening. I found it also very rewarding working with human rights; it helps us realize sometimes a little bit of change can make a huge difference to people who are disabled. It is important to let our society know they need to pay more attention to people with disabilities. I want to work more with human rights issues in the future and continue to learn.

– Jing Jin, babystory520@gmail.com, Advanced Illustration with Jeff Domm

 Different peas make a pod, Different abilities make a community
by Nathan D. Hovey

 Nathan Hovey new (2)
This project has been a fantastic educational experience. In the early stages of my research, it became evident that persons with disabilities were lacking a sense of community, not only with the general public but also within their own groups. The goal of this poster is to inform the community of the importance and rewards that come with the inclusion of people of all abilities.

– Nathan D. Hovey, nathanhovey@gmail.com, Design Studio 4 with May Chung
It's a matter of perception by Larissa Klober
 Larrisa Klober (2)
I have learned a lot with this project, from human rights and disability issues to design thinking and software. It also made me more confident as a designer. Having a real focus and developing a graphic project made me realize I could work in any field of design, as long as I work hard.

– Larissa Klober, lariklober@gmail.com, Design Studio 4 with Lorely Gaunt
Necessities don't define identities by Kasie Wilcox
 Kasie Wilcox
This project has been very eye opening as to how society views people with disabilities. The people I have encountered within the disability community are truly inspirational, and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to contribute to this project and to raise awareness that disability is simply a matter of perception.

– Kasie Wilcox, kasie.wilcox@gmail.com, Design Studio 4 with Lorely Gaunt