A gallery of design – Freedom of Speech
June 3, 2013

Teach them while they're young by Samantha April
Samantha April 
Having studied the Holocaust and human rights in the past, I have always been passionate about how people are treated. Yet, until researching this project and learning about different human rights from my peers, I realize how much more there is to learn and how important it is to share what you learn with others.

– Samantha April, samantha.april17@gmail.com, Design Studio 4 with May Chung
94 out of 100 by Annelies W. Heerschop
 Annelies Heerschop
I have found this project to be a very rewarding experience. I have a greater understanding of what freedom of speech is, as I was unaware that sexual assaults and rapes could be placed within that topic. In the future, I would love to be part of more projects like this one.

– Annelies W. Heerschop, ann.heerschop@gmail.com, Design Studio 4 with Lorely Gaunt
Speak up for the Future by Sung-Hee Kim
 Sung-Hee Kim
This project was educational and a good experience. During the process of the poster making, I got to learn more about human rights, especially freedom of speech. The process inspired me to be more vocal in communicating and sharing my thoughts with my colleagues and others. It helped me to understand how to get stronger ideas from initial concepts.

– Sung-Hee Kim, sunghee.kim91@gmail.com, Design Studio 4 with May Chung
We need freedom of speech by Min Yan Liang
 MIN YAN Liang ( F)
This experience has brought to my attention that race relations is a topic of concern in the world. Now I am familiar with what race relations really means, I can tell my friends about the topic and educate others to think about what equality is in terms of race. Another topic of concern is freedom of speech. I learned so much by talking about freedom of speech and hope to educate others to protect their own and others' freedom of speech in Nova Scotia.

– Min Yan Liang, minnnn49@gmail.com, Design Studio 4 with May Chung and Advanced Illustration with Jeff Domm
Words are Power by Zhenshuo Anfia Lin
 Zhenshuo Anfia Lin
This project made me really start to think about freedom of speech, to think about it without regional limitations, and within all different kinds of communication formats. I am trying to raise the awareness of our unintentional neglect to the power of words for both verbal and written expression, and that these important messages surround us in our daily life.

– Zhenshuo Anfia Lin, anfias@gmail.com, Design Studio 4 with May Chung
Communication builds Community by Lee H. Yuen-Rapati
 Lee Yuen-Rapati lr
Before this project, I had very little idea of how free speech was being infringed upon both inside and outside of Canada. Through the research I did, I realized that the root of freedom of speech is communication. When people are communicating, there is dialogue between them which is much more democratic than one figure speaking down to a crowd. I now know it is better to converse with people instead of just talk to them.

– Lee H. Yuen-Rapati, leeonthesea@gmail.com, Design Studio 4 with Lorely Gaunt