A gallery of design – Transgender Rights
June 3, 2013

Bleeding us dry by Stephanie L. Young
Stephanie Young lr
I sincerely enjoyed working on this project. As someone who is actively involved in the local queer community and whose partner is trans, I was glad to be able to educate others on the issues surrounding trans rights. In doing my research, I was able to have conversations with people on the issues that matter most, and I hope that my work will generate similar discussions around the province and the country. I look forward to contributing to similar initiatives in the future.

–Stephanie L. Young, stephanie.lynn.young@gmail.com, Advanced Illustration with Jeff Domm
This is who I am by Robert J. Ewanchuk
 Robert Ewanchuk new
Working on this poster has strengthened my understanding of transgender people. I feel empowered by my new understanding; it gives me the strength to help others understand and better accept transgender people.

– Robert J. Ewanchuk, robertewanchuk@gmail.com, Design Studio 4 with Lorely Gaunt
Freedom of Gender Expression by Rebecca L. Granat
 Rebecca Granat
This experience has brought to my attention the issues that transgender individuals face. Now that I am familiar with what transgender really means, I can teach my own child about the topic, and educate others to help them become transgender allies and reduce the stigma in Nova Scotia.

– Rebecca L. Granat, rgranat@live.ca, Design Studio 4 with May Chung
Respect Transgender by Wei Lu
 Wei Lu
Throughout this project, I got to understand many things about transgender issues that I have never thought about before. I would like to use my knowledge to educate other people to understand and help transgender people achieve a better life for themselves.

– Wei Lu, lw1987814@gmail.com, Design Studio 4 with May Chung
Transiting Transgender by Lesley A. Steffler
 Leslie Steffler
The human rights poster project was an enduring and revealing experience. The topic of the poster for our group was transgender rights. The research I did focused on the transiting steps of being transgender, from realization of gender identity, pre-op procedures, and post-op struggles. The stories of transiting transgender through these steps were the main inspiration behind my poster and how they saw the need to blur the lines between genders.

– Lesley A. Steffler, lezley22@gmail.com, Design Studio 4 with May Chung
Be open by A. Alexis Tapia
 I. Alexis Tapis
Before this project I was unaware of the daily struggles that transgender people face. Also, I learned that if you are unsure of how to refer to them it is always best to ask them, rather than assume. In the future, I would like to get more involved with these kinds of projects.

– I. Alexis Tapia, iatapia@gmail.com, Design Studio 4 with Lorely Gaunt