The Airport Project
December 11, 2012

With thousands of people coming through the Halifax Stanfield International Airport each day, there's a whole new audience out there for NSCAD student work.

And Peter Spurway, vice president of corporate communication and airport experience, is the first to admit that he was surprised by what the students in Kim Morgan and Steve Higgins' class (Advanced Sculpture Workshop) created.

"I guess I defaulted to my perception of stereotypical sculpture," he said yesterday. "Let me tell you, my horizons got pushed back a long, long way."

The NSCAD-Airport partnership has proved to be valuable in many ways. For the airport, "it lets us promote Halifax as the home of NSCAD, a tremendous asset for our community," said Mr. Spurway. For students, the project provides real-world experience and an audience outside of art school.

"It teaches us how to work professionally, working through budgets and proposals and getting our work in public spaces," said Tess Griebel, one of 12 students with work on display at various locations in the terminal building.

Here's a look at some of those works:  

A little pep talk as you enter the revolving doors of Halifax Stanfield International Airport courtesy of Tess Griebel.
 Danielle Rice's Cloudscape contains the faces of the artist and her friends.
 Think that's an elevator behind José Andrés Mora? Think again. It only looks like one.
Taking a peek through a kaleidoscope -- just one more level of scrutiny for people coming through security.
 NSCAD student Aaron Sinclair stands next to the kaleidoscope he made.
NSCAD student Barbara Scheed was inspired by treasures found in the airport's lost-and-found bin.
 Reliquary by Thomas Dahlgren.
We've Been There by Alani Caruso-Fitterer lets people listen in on recorded conversations.
 Keeping the porch light on for friends who are away. By DJ Andresen.

The Airport Project was made possible with the support of Halifax Stanfield International Airport, RBC Emerging Artists Fund and the Reznick Family Fund at NSCAD.