A Little Class Goes a Long Way
March 25, 2013

Craig Budovitch, an artistic resident with the NSCAD-Lunenburg program, is working on a series of paintings inspired by his time in South Africa last summer.

Interested in what NSCAD’s community studio residents have been up to in Lunenburg and New Glasgow? Now’s your chance.

A Little Class Goes a Long Way is an exhibition of new works by Andrew Maize, Craig Budovitch, Hangama Amiri, Jimy Sloan, Katie Hagan and Tyler Durbano. It runs at Eyelevel Gallery, 2159 Gottingen Street, from Monday, March 25 to Friday, March 29, with an opening reception Monday at 6:30 p.m.

The residencies started in Lunenburg and New Glasgow last September, and the young NSCAD grads taking part report having a “phenomenal time.” The residencies allow them to pursue their own work in a shared studio space while volunteering on art projects in the community.

“There’s a ton going on. We’ve been trying to figure out what more we can take on and still have time for own work,” says Craig Budovitch, a painter, who was in Cape Town, South Africa before taking up the Lunenburg residency.

Craig, Andrew and Hangama have been helping out with art classes in portraiture, puppet and mask making and at the Bluenose Academy, serving grades Primary through  9. Over March Break, the residents collaborated with the Lunenburg Makery and the Lunenburg Art Gallery Foundation for “A Week of Learning and Making for Kids of All Ages.” Some of the workshops included painting an urban mural and kite-making. Former Lunenburg resident Rebecca Roher was involved too, leading workshops including Sock Monkey Madness and Watercolour World.

“Everything that’s going on has me feeling definitely inspired,” says Craig. In the shared studio space at 40 Duke Street in Lunenburg, he’s been working on a series of painting related to masks, culture and society.

“For us in Lunenburg, the community is so incredibly welcoming. It’s great to come to a place and get settled quickly and to have the space to stretch out and do work,” adds Andrew. For the Eyelevel show, he’s been working on a series on sculptural pieces inspired by the manual labor jobs he’s had in the past. Hangama, meanwhile, is just back from Italy. A video installation, Dome of Secret Desires, she made in collaboration with her sister Fazila was accepted for the 7th International Art Prize in Venice.

It’s go, go, go in New Glasgow too, where Tyler Durbano, Katie Hagan and Jimy Sloan are based. The residents are working with children from local primary schools on a large art project. The smaller schools will soon be closed and amalgamated into a new, Primary to Grade 8 school called New Glasgow Academy. The artwork created will be installed permanently in the new school, slated to open in September 2014.

But Tyler reports it was slow for him in the studio in the beginning. “You have all this time to think and create and I found that tough at first,” he says. “And then a whole bunch of ideas fell out at once. It’s been very exciting. And it’s nice to relate with the other artists on a daily basis … we all feed off each creatively and that helps to propel things forward.”

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