Announcing the 2017 Starfish winner
April 21, 2017

NSCAD student Christiane Poulin is the unanimous choice of the Starfish Jury to win the 2017 Starfish Student Art Award. The announcement was made in front of a full house at the Starfish Gala held at NSCAD’s Port Campus on the Halifax waterfront.

Poulin receives the $5,000 purchase price for her art installation, Winds of Change: a Lace-scape, which becomes part of the NSCAD University collection.

Winds of Change: a Lace-scape consists of several handwoven panels that hang from the ceiling and create a sense of space. In creating the installation that viewers can walk through and around, Poulin conjures the deck at NSCAD’s Fountain Campus – an outdoor gathering space at the heart of NSCAD’s charming and old downtown campus.

The art installation captivated the jury with its sense of architecture suggested by the beautiful lacy panels and their delicate shadows. Jury members agreed, “the ambition and conception of the piece were matched by its execution.”

A retired public health doctor, Poulin returned to NSCAD 40 years after completing first year and will graduate at next week with a Bachelor of Fine Art degree.

The nine student finalists—Angela Arsenault, Carly Belford, Annabel Biro, Andrew Godsalve, Julie Hall, Jacob Irish, Ann McCosker, Julie Simmons, and Tamsin Sloots—each receive a $1,000 prize.

Members of the jury are: Susan Hanrahan, executive director of the Nova Scotia Designer Craft Council; Ingrid Jenkner, director of Mount Saint Vincent University Art Gallery; David Diviney, curator of Modern and Contemporary Art at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia; and Linda Hutchison, Associate Vice President, University Relations, NSCAD University. The Starfish Student Art Awards are coordinated by Melanie Colosimo, director of NSCAD’s Anna Leonowens Gallery.

NSCAD and property developer Louis Reznick established the Starfish Student Art Awards in 2010 to recognize exceptional students across 10 visual arts disciplines at the university. The awards are generously supported by more than 30 corporate sponsors.

Poulin-Winds of Change
 Winds of Change: A Lace-Scape by Christiane Poulin becomes part of the NSCAD University collection.