Arts East
February 4, 2016


Pick up a copy of the spring edition of Visual Arts News to see Arts East.


Arts East, an arts publishing research project begun by three NSCAD professors, Karin Cope, Carla Taunton and Jayne Wark, and Visual Arts Nova Scotia, an association of art professionals, announce their collaboration on a new publication initiative. 

Arts East is an eight–page pilot publication inserted into the Spring 2016 issue of Visual Arts News. Citing extensive collaboration as a hallmark of arts initiatives in the Atlantic region, Professor Jayne Wark explains that the Arts East group commissioned three articles on three significant team-based Atlantic art initiatives as a way of “broadening the focus of art writing beyond the usual coverage of an individual artist’s works or unique gallery-based events.”

In the Arts East insert, also described as a “parasitic publishing venture, which might move from host to host,” Mireille Bourgeois writes about the traveling group exhibition L’Acadie mythique; Claire Dykhuis interviews organizers of night festivals in the Maritimes; and Merray Gerges writes about the history of CRIT magazine, a newsprint publication started in 2012 by NSCAD students and now housed at the Khyber gallery.  NSCAD MFA student Maeghan Banks created the design for the Arts East pilot.

The purpose of the Arts East project is to foster increased opportunities for critical writing on the contemporary arts in the Atlantic region, to cultivate and develop institutional and financial support for emerging writers in the region, and to aid in the development of new perspectives on the Atlantic’s vibrant arts scenes. Partnership with Visual Arts Nova Scotia enabled the first tangible manifestation of these goals by providing a host venue for the Arts East pilot in Visual Arts News. Arts East looks forward to further opportunities to materialize its goals through similar partnerships and engagements with a variety of communities, publications, galleries, institutions and artist run centers throughout the Atlantic region.

This phase of the Arts East project has been made possible by a NSCAD University research grant funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, the hard work of research assistants Maeghan Banks and Claire Dykhuis, and by the generous support of Visual Arts Nova Scotia.

For additional information, please contact:
Professor Jayne Wark
Professors Jayne Wark and Carla Taunton as well as Maeghan Banks and Claire Dykhuis unveiled Arts East at a packed Research Hangout last month.