Board briefs
April 16, 2014

Forging ahead

As you know, the Board has recently undergone a full restructuring process to better serve NSCAD now and into the future. Several new policies were mandated during that process to protect and nurture our community members. This meeting saw the adoption of a Safe Disclosure Policy, Conflict of Interest Policy and Code of Conduct Policy, all of which cement NSCAD’s commitment “to providing the best possible conditions for the study, practice, research and teaching of art, craft and design.” (1)

Welcoming new partnerships

The Board was pleased to vote in support of a new partnership with the University of King’s College. Students from King’s will be able to do a minor in Art History at NSCAD while students from NSCAD will be able incorporate a minor in Journalism from King’s in their degree program.

Another recent collaboration announced was the 2+2 arrangements signed with the Nova Scotia Community College; students will be able to complete a two-year program at NSCC in film or photography and then transfer to NSCAD for another two years and complete their degrees.

The Board is looking forward to future partnerships.

Difficult decision

Ahead of the budget discussions happening through the month of April, the Board was asked to vote on a 3 per cent tuition increase. This increase is the maximum allowed by the Government of Nova Scotia; this cap is intended to allow universities to address growing expenses while acknowledging the burden of rising fees on students.  All universities in Nova Scotia have increased tuition by 3 per cent for the 2014/15 year. The Board discussion on this topic centered on the services available to students while remembering that the NSCAD Sustainability Plan requires tuition increases, noting that tuition at NSCAD is currently below the provincial average. The Board ultimately voted to raise tuition by 3 per cent, as well as conduct an internal study of the mental health and financial services available to NSCAD students, and how they might be improved to better serve our community.

Raising the ranks

At the recommendation of the Provost and the President, the Board is delighted to accept the following appointments: Jeff Chown, RPT; Rachael DeConde, RPT; Kimberley Dunn, RPT; Sue Earle, RPT; Adam MacKenzie, RPT and Rebecca Young, 3rd Appointment with Tenure and Promotion. Congratulations, all.

(1) from the NSCAD Mission Statement