A smashing good time
October 7, 2011

Students ladle soup into handmade bowls for hungry patrons.
The ceramics department’s fundraising event Hungry Bowls was a “smashing success,” according to student organizer Erin St. John.

NSCAD students ran the innovative fundraiser for 12 years starting in 1992, raising thousands of dollars for the needy. After a five-year hiatus, they brought it back—working since the start of the fall term to make sure there was enough handmade bowls for the event and approaching local restaurants to ask for donations of soup and bread.

There was plenty of everything yesterday—people included. The event attracted approximately 160 people, who were able to choose a beautiful bowl and the gourmet soup to fill it. Participating restaurants and bakeries included Pipa Restaurant, The Wooden Monkey, Economy Shoe Shop, Whet Café at FRED, It’s All Greek to Me, Ristorante a Mano, Sam’s Macchiato, Julien’s Bakery, Norbert’s Café and Boulangerie Bakery.

Sheri Lecker, the executive director of Adsum House for Women and Children, was delighted to see the fundraiser’s return. With six handmade bowls at home, she was thrilled to pick up her seventh.

“We see so many fundraisers but I must say that Hungry Bowls is my favorite,” says Sheri. Proceeds from the night, an estimated $4,500, are split between Adsum House and Hope Cottage.

“We’re so thankful for students and the creative energy and talent they bring to this event.”


Tables were lined up the length of the Port Loggia Gallery.