Changes to Ceramics Curriculum
August 17, 2016

NSCAD Ceramics Professor Neil Forrest stands in front of the Ceramics Department's Blaauw gas and electric kilns.

The Ceramics Department is introducing a new curriculum starting this Fall 2016 semester.

The newly revised Ceramics Program, part of NSCAD’s Craft Division, is designed to offer more 3-credit courses, more focused topical learning and more visible learning goals. With three streams—broadly configured as throwing/pottery, hand-building/sculpture and design/mold/digital fabrication—you can direct your learning to more focused outcomes. An expanded offering allows interdisciplinary students to more easily build a portfolio in Ceramics.

There will now be three introductory courses (all 3-credits), and all are matched at the intermediate level (all 3-credits), plus seven workshops presented for advanced. New at the Intro level is “Introduction to Ceramics for Design” as an alternative introduction to ceramics from a design and architecture perspective. New intermediate courses embed more technique and skill building in each of the three streams. The new advanced workshops align unique and emerging topics in the field with lateral thinking. The workshops offer a wide range of thinking within the contemporary language and discourse of ceramics, including in-depth approaches on graphic, narrative and technical approaches to the ceramic surface, figuration. There are specific Ceramics discourses examining installation, architecture and tableware.

Students can link and match introductory to intermediate to advanced workshop courses in logical threads, or by personal interests. Studio courses remain as 6 or 9 credits, with dynamic seminars and presentations by faculty and students alike.

Please find the new program offerings on WebAdvisor, and contact Professors Rory MacDonald or Neil Forrest or Dirk Staatsen in the Office of Student and Academic Services if you have questions or need assistance.

NSCAD University Ceramics has enabled students to participate in residencies at Guldagergaard International Ceramic Research Center, Medalta contemporary ceramic arts, Harbourfront Crafts, Philadelphia Clay Studio, Haystack Mountain School of Crafts, Chautauqua School of Art, NSCAD Residencies and others. Many more NSCAD University Ceramics graduates have received MFA degrees at prestigious programs internationally.

Rory MacDonald + Neil Forrest