Creating a learning commons
February 23, 2016

By Paul Maher

NSCAD is interested in setting up one or a series of "learning commons." These flexible work and learn spaces are desirable, welcoming and user friendly. Ideally, Learning commons are spaces where students, staff and faculty can connect and collaborate.

At our institution we consider the nature of research to be broad and diverse; the research which is central in developing skills in art, craft and design is as much concerned with process and making as it is with published and scholarly material. Therefore an aspect of our learning commons needs to support material, production and fabrication research.

Most importantly these new spaces are designed to support student work, study and research. A critical part of this design process therefore is to gather students perspectives on what is currently working well and what we can improve upon.

To gather this information I have developed two surveys. An online survey features 16 questions which students can access via this link.

In addition, a shorter postcard version has been designed and printed. You are welcome to fill out either or both of these surveys. I will be at each campus, to hand out the postcard survey and discuss the project further. If you see me feel free to come up for a chat. These postcards surveys are also available from the Anna Leonowens Gallery during their regular hours.

  • Port Campus - Thursday, February 25
  • Academy Campus - Friday, February 26
  • Fountain Campus - Tuesday, March 1 and Wednesday, March 2
Feel free to contact me at any time via email at