A change to NSCAD's credit card policy
May 17, 2012

Effective September 1, 2012, NSCAD University will no longer be accepting credit card payments for tuition and associated fees. The move is a cost-saving measure, estimated to save more than $30,000 a year in transaction fees.

“We’ve been looking at all aspects of our operation and this is one area where we could realize cost savings,” says Sharon Johnson-Legere, NSCAD’s Vice President Finance and Administration. “Many other schools have already moved in this direction.”

There are other payment options that have the ease and convenience of credit cards, including online banking and wire transfers. NSCAD also accepts payments by debit card, cash and cheque. International students who do not have a Canadian bank account for online or telephone banking may use wire transfers. 

Visa and MasterCard will still be accepted for:
• Application and confirmation fees;
• Transcripts;
• Identification cards;
• NSCAD Art Supply Store, Seeds Gallery;
• Noncredit courses through the School of Extended Studies;
• Donations

NSCAD joins a growing list of other maritime universities which have implemented this policy because of the significant transaction costs associated with credit-card use. Those universities include Dalhousie University, Saint Mary’s University, St. Francis Xavier University, University of Prince Edward Island, Mount Allison University and the University of New Brunswick.

Questions? Please get in touch with Sheila Doherty in Student Accounts at 902-494-8222.

A Change in Policy: Questions and Answers

Q.When will credit cards no longer be accepted for payment on my student account?
The policy comes into effect September 1, 2012.

Q.What does the change in policy cover?
It covers major transactions, including tuition payments and fees, such as materials fees, student union fees, U-Pass, and health insurance.

Q. Why is NSCAD University instituting this policy?
In a time of restraint, NSCAD University is looking at all ways to make savings. Credit card companies charge a percentage for each transaction—and these charges add up quickly.  Many other Canadian universities, including Saint Mary’s, Dalhousie and Mount Allison to name a few, no longer accept credit cards for tuition, residence and student-related charges.

Q. How can I pay my student account?
Students can use the following payment services to make payments on their student accounts:
• Online banking
• Wire transfers
• Debit card, cash and cheques drawn on Canadian banks

Q. Even with the policy change, can I pay fall 2012 fees by credit card?
Yes, as long as you pay before September 1.

Q. How does online banking work?
NSCAD University is listed as a vendor at most Canadian Banks, including CIBC, President’s Choice, RBC, TD, BMO and Scotiabank.  After entering your Internet banking login, select NSCAD University from the list of payees and use your student number as your account number.
Q. If I make an online bank payment, when can I see it on my student account?  
Bank payments can take up to three days to be received by the university.  However, we consider the payment received the day you make the payment.

Q. What if my student loan has not arrived by the tuition due date?
If the loan has not been received by the due date in the finance office and payment is not received by other means, the student will be charged a late payment fee.

Q. Do the changes apply to international students?
Yes, the changes apply to all students.

Q. Are there exceptions to the change in policy?
Yes, credit cards will still be accepted for: application and confirmation fees, transcripts, identification cards, noncredit courses offered through the School of Extended Studies, transactions at the NSCAD Art Supply Store and Seeds Gallery, and donations to the university.