Design exposition
March 23, 2015

Graduating students in the Interdisciplinary Design Program are planning to strut their stuff at a special, end-of-term exhibition geared to industry professionals.

Pinned: Making Our Mark will take place April 16 and 17, 5 to 9 p.m., on the second floor of NSCAD’s Port Campus. On display will be class and independent projects, including examples of illustration, graphic design, product design, industrial design and more, by students in the “Studio Six” class.

“It’s a bit of everything, and that’s really the idea—to showcase the diversity of what we learn and celebrate it,” says Amanda Lenko, a Montrealer who transferred to NSCAD from Dawson College in Quebec.

The first day is specifically for potential employers from design firms, marketing agencies, architectural firms, publishers and product makers; the second for friends and family.

It’s a bittersweet time for the close-knit graduating class, who’ve been together more or less for the past four years, getting feedback and learning from each other. The name “Pinned” refers to class critiques when their best work is pinned to the wall for display and the opinions of classmates and professors are solicited. But it also references push pins indicating hometowns on a world map, reflecting that students come from around the globe to go to NSCAD—as near as Dartmouth, Nova Scotia and as far as Beijing China.

“Our critiques have been honest and fair—never mean. It’s not really a competitive process, because we get strength from each other,” says Natalia Ultremari, a fourth-year student from Sao Paulo, Brazil. “We see this exhibition as an expression of design as we set off on our careers, but also of friendship.”

Participating students in Pinned: Making Our Mark include:

Brina Frenette, Halifax, NS
Amanda Lenko, Montreal, QC
AJ MacDonald, St. John’s, NF
Justin Ensor, Yarmouth, NS
Shea Mandolesi, Toronto, ON
Conor McLaughlin, Bedford, NS
Weiyi Ning, Beijing, China
Wesley Norris, Greenwood, NS
Jocelyn Spence, Dartmouth, NS
Sebastian Tory-Pratt, Toronto, ON
Josh Udall, Toronto, ON
Natalia Ultremari, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Kelsey Walker, Dartmouth, NS
Katie Waye, Saint John, NB