“Elder Learners” opens NSCAD doors to older adults
May 26, 2011

The School of Extended Studies recently launched Elder Learners, a community outreach program designed to meet the learning needs of adults 60+.

“This new program is designed to offers lifelong learning opportunities as a way to enrich elder learners' lives and help them continue as active, participating members of the community,” says Sharon Blanchard, Director of the School of Extended Studies. “It provides a setting in which older adults are encouraged to share their experience and expertise with younger students.”

“NSCAD University has a commitment to serve the cultural as well as the academic needs of the community, and the Extended Studies is pleased to be able to offer this program as part of the mission of the University.”

Through invigorating programs that promote lifelong learning and cultural interaction, Elder Learners will support persons aged 60 and up, working to encourage and enable older adults to remain active by opening the campus and classes to them, and by offering educational and cultural programs designed to meet their needs and interests both on campus and in off-campus locations. In addition to providing a setting in which older adults are comfortable, welcomed and encouraged to share their experience and expertise with younger students and with one another, Elder Learner programs will be available to older persons of all socio-economic income levels.

Registration is currently being accepted for Elder Learner summer courses in:

  • Introductory Oil Painting
  • Introductory Drawing
  • Contemporary Landscape Painting - Choice of oil, acrylic and watercolour painting sections
  • Watercolour Stories Workshop
  • Sketchbook Workshop

To learn more and to register online, go to the School of Extended Studies' Elder Learners page.