Sandy Graham wins international sculpture competition
June 3, 2009

NSCAD’s Sandy Graham has been named winner of the Trillium Public Art Competition, an international juried design event, sponsored by the Planning & Design Centre in partnership with the W.M. Fares Group. His winning design will be installed in front of the new Trillium development, currently under construction in downtown Halifax.

Graham’sgraham 3 web design, an interpretation of the lighthouse, features seven sculptures fashioned out of steel. In the opinion of the jury members, “The iconic image of the lighthouse, a beacon and a symbol of protection, has special resonance for this region. The grouping of lighthouses set in an urban site becomes a monument to a time, place and way of life that are at risk.”

 "It's great to have the work installed in a public location," says Graham. "Mr. Fares deserves much credit for his decision to commission a piece of art for his building. He was not required to do so and he arranged for an unrestricted juried competition." 

Graham, a technician and instructor at NSCAD, won out over finalists from the U.S. and Australia. In addition to the commission for the sculpture, expected to be installed by 2010, he receives a $5000 grand prize.