Daniel Hutchinson "Zero Dimensions" opens at Montreal's Gallerie Push
October 19, 2009

From the Gallerie Push website:

"Daniel Hutchinson’s paintings are stages upon which to look at the conventions of theatre and painting, examining their shared stake in chance and anomaly. Digitally rendered theatrical architectures are painstakingly reproduced in paint to examine the difference produced through modes of repetition. These paintings are constructed with precise unidirectional brush marks in black oil paint. The resulting surface reflects light unevenly, revealing the depicted image in an otherwise monochrome ground. The viewer’s movement enables light to shift across the surface, simultaneously revealing and concealing parts of a continuously shifting surface and representation. Ultimately, the subject emerges between repetitions, in the productive failure to replicate a mark, an image, an object, or an instant."

Zero Dimensions runs until November 15 at:

Gallerie Push
5264 Saint Laurent

hutchison web

Daniel Hutchinson, Act V, 2009