I AM NSCAD: our pride on display
September 15, 2015


What does it mean to have been associated with such a culturally and historically significant Canadian institution? That’s the question NSCAD alumni pondered as they made their submissions for I AM NSCAD.

Coordinated by NSCAD alumna Kelly Markovich (MFA 2011), this large, salon-style exhibition includes work by 166 alumni artists and designers.

"Organizing this exhibition has been a wonderful and rewarding experience", says Kelly Markovich, an artist who is currently teaching the Entrepreneurship for the Arts class at NSCAD. “The response to the call has been overwhelmingly successful. I feel fortunate to be a part of the NSCAD alumni community and I am excited to bring together, connect with and reconnect with so many talented alumni who rally behind and support this amazing institution.”

I AM NSCAD will run from September 29 to October 9 at the Anna Leonowens Gallery, 1891 Granville St., Halifax. This gallery means a lot to NSCAD alumni—for many, it’s the gallery which hosted their first exhibitions. I AM NSCAD will unveil the gallery’s makeover; renovations have been made possible by the Fountain family donation given to the university in 2014.

"This show will be about much more than the work displayed. This will be a rare and overdue opportunity for NSCAD alumni to re-connect in the very space where we once bared our creative souls at graduation," adds Peter Wünsch, President of the NSCAD Alumni Association.

To close the show in grand style, the NSCAD Alumni Association will host a street party and sale of works on Friday, Oct. 9, starting at 5 p.m. Funds raised from the sale will go the NSCAD Alumni Association scholarship. 

Participating artists:


Alan Craig Barkley
Wayne Boucher
Charles Lewton-Brain
Barbara Buick
Chuck Clark
Gloria Dunbar
Christopher Lea Dunning
Deborah Garwood
Edith Hicks
Edward Huner
Nancy Keating
Donald Kelly
Valerie LeBlanc
Eve Llyndorah
Barry MacPherson
Charmaine Porter
Tabo Toral
James Wong
Susie Veroff


Rose Adams
Judy Arsenault
Diane Harrison Baptist
Nicoletta Baumeister
Barbara Bickle
Beth Biggs
Michael E. Cartwright
Gabrielle Cordella-Chew
Paula Cornwall
Steve Farmer
Elaine Frampton
Kate Brown Georgallas
Donald Goguen
Cynthia Henry
Diane Hiscox
Raymonde Jodoin
Derrick Dale Johnson
Christopher Joyce
Genevieve Killin
Debra Kuzyk
David LaPalombara
Judith J. Leidl
Joanne Light
Lori Litvack
Ray Mackie
Alexandra McCurdy
Susan Mills
Su Rogers
Cathy Ross
Sarah Saunders
Heather Sayeau
Ruth Scheuing
Warren Smooth (John Pottle)
Kay Stanfield
Chris Straetling
Anna Syperek
Peter Wünsch


Dominique Beaupré St-Pierre
Lesly Benditsky
Mary Blatherwick
Isa Boonto-Zarifis
Ruby Boutilier
Kim Cain
Suzanne Caines
Caroline Chan
Laura Crapo
Dana Edmonds
Anke Fox
JJ Lee
Chris Lloyd
Pat Loucks
Sara MacCulloch
Mark Maestro
Rachel Major
Kenneth Mayfield
Patrick Rapati
Brian Sloan
David Smith
Susan Sweet
Pandora Vaughan
Kris Webster
Mark Whidden
Jean Wills
Lillian Yuen


Micah Adams
Tara Audibert
Margaret Bailly
Becka Barker
Mary Barnard Ellis
Marla Benton
Jack Bishop
Berkeley Brown
J. Penney Burton
Carly Butler
Kurtis Ceppetelli
Lucie Chan
Marian Chisholm
Stephanie Dowell
Karen Gaudet
Alice Gould
Gale Hagblom
Stephanie E. Hanes
Moon Hee Nam
Brandi Hofer
Felice House
Janet Howse
Sacha Kopelow
Sophie Lavoie
Emily Leger
Tara Lynn MacDougall
Rob MacInnis
Matthew Malone
Smriti Mehra
Carol Morrison
James Olley
Arianne Pollet-Brannen
Jim Shebib
Ben Skinner
Ehryn Torrell
Anneke van Bommel
Anna-Sophia Vukovich
Christine Walker
Lorena Ziraldo


Hangama Amiri
Oksana Atwood
Jared Betts
Laura Brittany
Colin Canary
Catherine Constable
Kathleen Day
Jenny-Lyn Fife
Laura Jean Forrester
Trish Hondzel
Alan Hunt
Calder Kibyuk
Harold Klee
Hunter Lewis Lake
Jin Li
Krissi MacKenzie
Alice MacLean
Andrew Maize
Kelly Markovich
Caitlin McGuire
Darlene Morrison
Katherine Nakaska
Maggie Pearson
Steven Peters
Mary Lynn Podiluk
Annalise Prodor
Amélie Proulx
Thea Reid
Lee Roth
Mengnan Qu
Laura Roy
Katherine Sharpe
Jimy Sloan
Sarah Snetsinger
Pauline Stryker
Karolina Szablewska
Jeremy Tsang
Georgina Voltis
Emily Wareham
Justin West
Jaime Williams
Eliot Wright
Yu Xia
Lee Yuen-Rapati
Weili Zhang