Inspiration Lives Everywhere
March 12, 2014

 "Inspiration Lives Everywhere" is the theme for NSCAD Admission's contest, #whereifindit.
Inspiration lives everywhere. It’s in the materials we use, the people we love, the things we see and experience.

Where does inspiration live for you?

Inspiration is the essence of NSCAD Admission’s #whereifindit art competition, now open for high school students. There are some great prizes, including a MacBook with a one-year subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud, a Wacom Tablet and a year-long mentorship with a NSCAD faculty member.

Entrants can post pictures of their artwork and/or what inspires them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Using the hashtag #whereifindit enters them in the contest. It’s as easy as that.

“The aim is all about awareness. We want to increase NSCAD’s visibility and engage with high school students in Nova Scotia and elsewhere in Canada,” says Terry Bailey, Director of Admissions. “From there, we want them to visit NSCAD, talk to us, explore our galleries and see what’s possible here.”

The Halifax marketing agency Impact helped develop the contest and created three versions of the Inspiration Lives Everywhere artwork that’s been reproduced on posters. The creation of the red string art version is featured in a short video which can be seen at and during the preshow at Cineplex theatres throughout Nova Scotia.

“Knowing that we’d want high school students to share their inspiration and their artwork, we knew we’d have part of the responsibility to inspire them,” says Pierre Tabbiner, art director at Impact. “By using a non-changing headline and some affordable and accessible materials, we wanted to create something awesome.”

The Impact team, including Pierre, Mallory Vincent, Eric Miller and Katie Arthur, really got into the project. The string piece was made over several days in the studios at NSCAD's Granville campus. The project entailed 80 metres of embroidery thread, 200 finish nails, a tube of crazy glue, a sheet of plywood and untold hours in the design and execution. The video short documenting its creation was filmed by Shehab Illyas, with an original score composed and performed by Asif Illyas.

The second design features specially designed typography cut out of a sheet of paper, revealing narrow strips of curled paper in many colors beneath. There’s a name for the technique—“quilling.” “More than once did Eric glue his fingers to his face or the paper to his cat,” says Pierre. “The whole piece used over nine tubes of Crazy Glue--crazy!”

This version of the artwork was created by exposing the curled paper behind the cut-out letters.

Both artworks can be seen in the Office of Admissions at the Port Campus, but the third work, made by injecting colored water into individual cells of bubble wrap using syringes, didn’t survive the photo shoot. “This one meant a lot of late nights and blue fingertips,” adds Pierre.
 The bubble wrap version.

And now there's a fourth version. NSCAD student Hunter Barnden was inspired to make a shimmery piece by bending the metal grating on air conditioner condenser coils. 

 Hunter Barnden's air-conditional coil version.
Ruby Boutilier, recruitment officer, says she’s excited about the entries as they begin to trickle in. Entries to last year’s contest, Where Can Art Take You?, were posted on Facebook, leading to some vigorous lobbying by friends and parents. She’d like to see that level of engagement again, the kind of engagement that leads to requests for tours and applications to attend NSCAD.

“I’m on the road all the time visiting high schools and I’m blown away by what students can do,” she says. “I’m hoping this contest will let high school students’ creativity shine so everyone will be impressed. ‘Inspiration Lives Everywhere’ is such a big idea that I think it will open students’ minds up to what’s possible.”

NSCAD’s #whereifindit contest is open until May 15th. Winners will be announced June 1.

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