Introducing NSCAD's new and returning MFAs
August 30, 2017

2017 entering MFAs
Emma Allain is an artist whose work most often manifests in some combination of writing, printed matter, animation, video, and sound. Originally from the suburbs of Toronto, she earned a BDes. from the joint program in graphic design at York University and Sheridan College. She has since worked as an industry designer and freelance book designer. Emma has a passion for the physical form of books and bookbinding and is interested in explorations of memory, spatial awareness, and scale. See:
Rachel Anzalone was born in Inwood, New York and comes to Halifax from Manahawkin, New Jersey. She graduated with her BFA in 2014 from Stockton University in Galloway, New Jersey. Rachel has exhibited throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania, and has designed murals for a number of buildings in Atlantic County, New Jersey.  She incorporates layers of images along with various geometric patterns, using fabric, acetate, used palettes and found objects. Rachel is a scavenger when it comes to finding ideas for her work and is intrigued by sources inside outdated textbooks. She uses unlikely pictures that are combined to form a narrative for her paintings. See:
Cullen Bingeman is from Winnipeg, where he graduated from the University of Manitoba School of Art with a BFA in painting.  Cullen utilizes various media including drawing, painting, and printmaking to explore a curiosity he has about the way we understand our fears, anxieties and dreams.  His work touches upon the themes of memory, identity and masculinity, and ranges in scope from small graphite portraits to mural-sized landscapes.  
Yi Cao is a jewellery artist who was born in China. After four years’ fine art learning and four years’ design & jewellery education in Central Academy of Fine Arts (Beijing), she entered the MFA program at Edinburgh College of Art. In the past three years, various collections of her work have been exhibited in Edinburgh, Vienna, Beijing and Amsterdam. She treats each piece as a real, conscious life and believes that they each have the ability to communicate and interact; she aims to create opportunities for emotional “conversation” between the objects themselves and our minds. At NSCAD, she intends to do more interdisciplinary research that is not based on her previous art and design experience.
Jason Everitt  is an artist who works primarily in photo-based printmaking. He graduated with a BSc in 2002 (Microbiology, University of Alberta) and a BDes (Printmaking, University of Alberta) in 2015. His work revolves around the intersection of art and science, mainly within a biological context. He is particularly interested in the dissonance of the constructed nature of much scientific imagery (such as the use of fixatives, false colour and staining) versus their supposed indexical quality. He is interested in printmaking as mass communication, especially in a political context. See: /

Suttie Mae (aka Hannah Fleet) is an interdisciplinary artist who was born in Almonte, Ontario and who has lived predominately in New Brunswick. Suttie graduated from Concordia University in 2015 with BFA in Film Animation. Her current practice explores the traditions of collodion photographs, skewing those traditions with new technologies. Combining live action, archived footage, and animation, her work explores sexuality, desires, fears, and projections of self. In her short films and photographs she attempts to disassociate the viewer from the temporality of the image while exposing the relationship between memories and the degradation of the material image.
Yang Guo is a multidisciplinary artist from Wuhu, China. He graduated from Jiangsu University in 2013 with a BA in media arts and design, and in 2014 completed his MA study of moving image at the University of the Arts London. His work is mostly digital and combines a wide variety of media (paint, film, photography and CG, especially). He is fascinated with traditional Chinese arts and culture and strives to integrate this rich and ancient heritage into his own art, including experimentation with visual representations of traditional Chinese music. His latest work uses traditional ink drawing to present a critique of China's contemporary problems with pollution, with the aim of increasing awareness and promoting action against this problem.  During his MFA study in NSCAD, he hopes to broaden his work to include interactive projection elements. With his art, he aims to enhance social well-being.
Xinting Hui is a fashion designer from Zhejiang, China. Has a BFA from Zhejiang Sci-tech University and a MFA in Fashion Design from Donghua University in Shanghai. She has worked in two fashion companies in China: Elegant-Prosper and Shaximi, both businesses marketing to middle-class customers, and she taught fashion illustration at Jiaxing University for two years.  Her design interests have now expanded to include research into interactivity and sensitive garments.
Alicia Hunt explores place and community, home and displacement, primarily through installation work. She is interested in using local natural and salvaged materials to address these themes. She grew up in British Colombia and Northern Ireland, where her family worked closely with refugees and in reconciliation efforts, both of which have greatly shaped her art practice. Alicia completed her BFA in studio arts at Algoma University in 2012. For a number of years she has taught studio classes at the Art Gallery of Algoma. See:
Philip Kanwischer graduated from the Alberta College of Art and Design with a Bachelor of Design degree with a distinction in photography in 2015. Since then he has been based in Calgary, Alberta, exhibiting internationally. Often combining photographic and sculptural components to dramatize human impact on the natural environment, Philip’s work proposes unlikely narratives in which the genre and methods of wildlife photography are implicated. He often spends days out in the wild, working to build a relationship with the land and its inhabitants, enacting the romantic notion of being able to live side by side with animals and nature.
Koei Kao graduated from University of Alberta with a BFA focusing in painting. Of mixed-race background from Asia, she has spent the last seven years in Edmonton, Alberta. Although Koei is still settling in with oil painting as her major medium, she also explores intermedia arts including video and sound art. She explores the current crisis between the animal kingdom and human societies: cultural values, everyday functional products, human leisure hobbies and wildlife/human relationships. During her graduate studies at NSCAD she wishes to continue researching topics rooted in the wilderness and how human society is advancing from biomimicry solutions, eventually speaking through voices from animals’ perspectives.
Chloe Kinsella is a multidisciplinary artist from Calgary Alberta, who explores the interruption and occupation of landscape by humans. Chloe majored in printmaking during her BFA at the University of Calgary but her interests have since shifted to more multimedia expressions. Chloe's most recent project consists of block printing textiles and using the fabric as shrouds to obstruct the human form and environments they are asserted on. Focusing on nuanced daily exploitations of natural spaces and how natural imagery is presented in consumer culture. Recording traces of her interactions, Chloe works in print, photography, performance, installation and artifact as she continues her anthropomorphic dialogue with the land.
Alex Linfield works with abandoned, irrelevant, and forgotten artifacts of communication. This interest is not founded in a love for the old or nostalgia, but in a belief that, as you get further away from something, the easier it is to see the structures that support it. Having lived entirely in northern Alberta, Alex has always been surrounded by tools and industrial processes, as well as the cycle of failure and obsolescence that surrounds them. Reproducibility became a longstanding interest, as he worked in large factories to afford a university education. He graduated from the University of Alberta Fine Arts Program with distinction in 2016. Following this Alex continued to work with the Society of Northern Alberta Print-artists (SNAP) in various roles such as communications and design, event coordination and planning, studio instruction, and serving on the board of directors. See:
Sara MacCulloch is a landscape painter based in Nova Scotia. She studied painting at Concordia University, SUNY at Purchase, and at NSCAD, where she completed her BFA in 1992. In 2004, after seven years in Toronto, she moved back to her home province of Nova Scotia with her family. She has participated in several artist residencies, including the Brucebo residency in Gotland Sweden, and has traveled and sketched extensively in Scotland and England and Canada. In 2008, her work was included in the Canadian survey Carte Blanche 2: Painting at the Magenta Foundation.  She shows regularly in Halifax, Toronto and New York and her work is represented in private and public collections. See:
Katarina Marinic is from Toronto and completed her BFA with a major in photography at NSCAD in 2017. Previous to this she earned a Diploma in Applied Photography from Sheridan College in 2005 and worked for many years as a commercial photo retoucher.  This background has motivated her current practice.  Focusing on the idealized female form, her work examines the dynamic between flawed and flawless bodies made possible through imaging technology.  Aiming to explore liminal spaces that challenge unattainable perfection, she researches historical and contemporary depictions of women, and renders the body to uncanny effect.  Katarina is a recipient of a number of scholarships and awards, including the 2016 Starfish student award at NSCAD. See:
Aralia Maxwell is an emerging artist from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. She graduated from the University of Saskatchewan in 2015 with a B.A. double honours in Art History and Studio Art. She is a core member of BAM (Bridges Art Movement), a grassroots artist collective that cultivates arts and community in Saskatoon, and was a 2016 finalist for a Saskatchewan Arts Award. In her role at BAM, Aralia has curated and participated in numerous exhibitions, projects, and happenings, which have been featured on CBC Radio, Radio Canada, and various local newspapers and podcasts. Working primarily with oil painting and mixed media collage, Aralia investigates sociological issues, with specific focus on gender, advertising, identity, and memory. Drawing upon a background in art history, she playfully intermixes past and present visual narratives, seeking to gain a better understanding of where our societal values come from and where they may be headed in the future. See:
Morgan Melenka is a visual artist from Edmonton AB whose work is interested in visual static through the lens of print-based media. She graduated from the University of Alberta in 2014 with a BFA in printmaking and painting, but before choosing a BFA she spent years studying ancient and medieval history. Since graduation she has exhibited extensively in Edmonton, with other exhibitions in Ottawa, Nebraska and Tennessee. Morgan was an artist in residence at the artist-run centre Atelier Graff in Montreal in 2015-2016 and in 2016-2017 with the collective Tennis Club, of which she is a founding member, at Marshall McLuhan’s first family home in Edmonton.  For the past year she has been employed as a installation and display designer at a retail space in Edmonton and has been an active member at the artist-run-centre SNAP, where she is a member of the special events committee.
Benjamin Muriithi is an audiovisual artist and media arts teacher in Nairobi, Kenya, where he graduated with a BA in Social Communication from the Catholic University of Eastern Africa. He is passionate about creating documentary films that seek to explore and unravel the complexities and paradoxes of his post-colonial African society, with particular focus on issues of social justice, inequality, marginalization, extreme poverty, religion, gender, sexuality and family. He practiced for several years as a writer and a film and television editor before taking up the opportunity to teach in his country’s first media arts only school. The challenges, fulfillment and excitement from this teaching experience provided inspiration for his current MFA journey. He feels strongly about the potential of documentary film as a tool for activism and social studies, especially if utilized more and taught better in a young nation such as his. He aims to prepare and equip himself to do exactly that.
Alicia Proudfoot is an interdisciplinary artist, who recently participated in an artist internship at Franconia Sculpture Park in Shafer, Minnesota. She completed her BFA at the University of Alberta in 2016 and is exhilarated to begin her graduate studies in Nova Scotia. Utilizing sculpture, installation and printmaking, Alicia asserts an interactive component to her work and encourages others to explore dialogue on a physical level. See:
Returning MFAs:
Lorraine Albert is an interdisciplinary artist from Montreal with specific interests in sculpture, architecture, site-specific installation and body in space. After completing her studies in Graphic Design, Lorraine worked in Australia and backpacked around the world. She graduated from Concordia University in 2015 with a BFA in Studio Arts. She is an equal opportunity artist who does not discriminate against any medium.

Carrie Allison-Goodfellow is an emerging Indigenous mixed-race visual artist. Allison hails from British Columbia but has called Nova Scotia home since 2010. Allison graduated from NSCAD University in 2013 with a Bachelor in Fine Art, as well as a Bachelor in Art History. While at NSCAD Allison participated in the Arts in School Initiative where she spent a semester in South Africa teaching and maintaining her artistic practice. Shortly after graduating Allison participated in the NSCAD Studio Residency Program in Lunenburg, on the South Shore of Nova Scotia, where she explored the connections between Indigenous struggles, such as colonialism, westernization, and assimilation, and how they are reflected in the environment, specifically plants. She is now entering her second year of the Master of Fine Arts program at NSCAD where she is researching, developing, and creating work that reflects notions of resurgence, resistance, (re)conciliation, identity, Indigenous narratives and story telling within the framework of feminism, anti-racism, mixed-race and environmentalist theories.See: /

Andrew Godsalve is an artist working with digital photography and media in relation to landscape and perception. Hailing from the eastern slopes of the Canadian Rockies, he has from an early age worked with his mother’s wildlife consulting company, lending him a unique perspective on human relationships with environmental processes. He obtained his BFA from the University of Victoria in 2012, and has since been exhibiting works and pursuing artistic projects at home and abroad. Godsalve has participated in artist residencies at the Banff Centre, in Iceland through SÍM, and recently developed a region-specific project based on the Bay of Fundy through Ayatana and White Rabbit programs in Nova Scotia. See:

Karin Jones received her Diploma in Jewellery Art & Design from Vancouver Community College in 1993. Since then she has apprenticed with master goldsmiths in Hamburg, Germany, worked as a goldsmith and designer in Vancouver, and created a body of work in Damascene (silver and gold on steel). While in her first year of the MFA program, she began working with hair as a craft medium to examine ideas of racial and cultural identity, using Victorian hair jewellery as a starting point. After completing her first year of her MFA in 2013, she took a special leave to accept a teaching job at Vancouver Community College, where she is now Department Head of Jewellery Art & Design. Other career highlights include a residency in Fiskars, Finland, a solo show at the National Ornamental Metal Museum in Memphis, Tennessee, and a major installation commission for the Royal Ontario Museum. In her final year of the MFA program, she will continue her work with hair jewellery, while also examining the way art jewellery is exhibited, and how to remove barriers to showing it in contemporary art contexts. See:
Jacob Maddison has explored many careers and trades, while approaching all his work as a printmaker. He graduated with a BFA from Emily Carr University of Art + Design, and continued printing while running a small letterpress print firm and design company in Vancouver. His work tackles the tangled mess of history, sex, politics, gender, print production, and science. Jacob has studied and worked in fields ranging from music teacher to metal fabricator, bicycle mechanic to printmaker, cultural theorist to classic car collector. Jacob is a storyteller, and is always exploring about how perception and bias affects truth. See:

Evan Peacock is originally from London, Ontario and a BFA graduate of the University of Lethbridge. His interests are multidisciplinary and he uses his multimedia practice to contemplate cognitive mechanisms, illustrate perceptual scenarios and play with sensory experience. Lately he has been applying these thoughts to drawings concerned with the relationships between states of coherency/incoherency, sense/nonsense, and memory/lost experience. A recent major project involved a trip to Rapa Nui (Easter Island), where he shot a feature length documentary portrait of his father. See:

Arianna Richardson is an artist, mother, and eco-craftivist from Lethbridge, Alta., currently pursuing an MFA at NSCAD University in Halifax, NS.  She most often works under the pseudonym, The Hobbyist, employing hobby-craft techniques to work through an investigation of ubiquitous consumption, class, and spectacle. Arianna graduated with a BFA in Studio Arts from the University of Lethbridge and has been the recipient of several academic awards including the Roloff Beny Photography Scholarship in 2012 and the Alberta Arts Graduate Scholarship in 2016. She was the artist-in-residence in the Learning Centre at J.L. Ilsley High School in Halifax for the Spring of 2017. See:
Nathan Wilson is an interdisciplinary artist who utilizes scientific information in the synthesis of his sculptures and installations. Nathan was born in Toronto, grew up in NYC and moved to Florida in 2008 for his undergraduate education. In 2014 he graduated from NCF in Sarasota, FL with a focus in physics, mathematics and sculpture.  After his graduation, Nathan founded and managed Galerie Dänknéiss, a multidisciplinary workspace showcasing the work of local students and professionals. His work has been exhibited across the eastern United States and in the Netherlands.