Jordan MacLeod, BFA '05, publishes book on evolution of money and value systems
October 29, 2009

Jordan MacLeod, BFA '05, recently published New Currency: How Money Changes The World As We Know It, an exploration of the evolution of money and value systems.

In it, MacLeod illustrates money's historical function as a leverage point for systemic transformation and presents a vision for a new currency that could help resolve many critical global problems, ranging from environmental degradation and cultural narcissism to financial imbalances.

"By changing how we hold money," says MacLeod, "we literally hold in our hands the power to change the world."

New Currency, published by Integral Publishers, has been praised by a number of leading thinkers, including James Quilligan, a former adviser to President Carter and Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, who called it, "a timely, brilliant look at money from a visionary thinker." The late Gerald Ferguson wrote, “MacLeod makes apparent why Joseph Beuys placed a central importance on money and social sculpture to transform the world. There is a pervasive urgency for artists to build positive, creative visions for the future that go far beyond some of the more naive, relativistic positions in the art world that merely lead to attacks on the status quo. This book can help.”
Charlotteown-based MacLeod is co-founder of Elevator Software Corp, co-founder of Cornerstone Global Associates and founder of the New Currency Institute.

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