Lunenburg partnership renewed for five more years
August 18, 2011

Come September, three recent NSCAD graduates will get a jump start on their careers through a unique grassroots partnership between NSCAD University and the Town of Lunenburg.

The NSCAD/Lunenburg Community Studio Residency program offers emerging artists the opportunity to develop their studio practice. The 2011/2012 residents – Jason Skinner, Lynette de Montreuil and Nadia Gemeinhardt – will live and work out of a studio space located in the former fire station at 40 Duke Street, Now entering its sixth year, the partnership between NSCAD University and the Town of Lunenburg has just been renewed for another five years.

Besides maintaining a studio practice, the artists will also work with elementary and secondary school students on art projects, and offer workshops and lectures to the Lunenburg community. 

“It’s an incredible opportunity,” says Jason Skinner (BFA 2011). “I’ll be able to create a body of work. It’s just an excellent stepping stone for me in terms of applying for graduate work … and, further on, in fulfilling my dreams of becoming a professor.”

Jason’s looking forward to living in small town and sharing his work with Lunenburg residents. As a painter, illustrator and also a sidewalk artist who wields a stick of chalk like a magic wand, he thrives on interactions with passersby.

“In the studio, it’s almost as if you’re making art for other artists,” says Jason, 28, from Bowmanville, Ont. “But when you go into a public space, you get people coming up and saying, ‘wow, how did you do that?’”

Jason will be sharing the three-bedroom apartment on the second floor of the old fire hall with Lynette de Montreuil (BFA 2011), who took on the mammoth task of coordinating the NSCAD 2011 Graduation Exhibition, and ceramic artist Nadia Gemeinhardt (BFA 2011).

“Over the past five years, the Town of Lunenburg and NSCAD have together built an amazing program that enriches the community while helping launch artistic careers,” says Sharon Blanchard, Director, School of Extended Studies. “NSCAD is delighted to be entering into a new five-year partnership agreement.”

As the three artists move in, three others are moving out. 2010/11 residents George Cho (BFA 2010), Rebecca Roher (BFA 2010) and Amélie Jérôme will talk about their experiences in a final lecture at the Lunenburg Academy on Thursday, Aug. 18 at 7 p.m.

coat    Lynette de Montreuil grew up in British Columbia and now calls Halifax home. Cataloguing information, archiving and documenting the passage of time play an important role in Lynette’s art practice. Her work seeks to make a connection to history, heritage and collective consciousness.
bowl Nadia Gemeinhardt graduated with her Bachelor of Fine Art Major in Ceramics after studying at the University of Victoria for four years where she focused on biology.  Her ceramic work explores home and landscape and our own creation of personal space. 
census Jason Skinner graduated with a BFA, Fine Arts Major in painting. The primary focus of his work engages the relationships between people, community and nation. Inspired by his training in contemporary illustration, the mixed-media approach to his work is often heavily based in research, incorporating textual elements as well as design. During the coming year, Jason is looking forward to creating large-scale paintings “of the tiny things that make up local Lunenburg culture.”