MacPhee Centre to hold appreciation reception
April 11, 2016

Students in Kelly Markovich's Textiles for the Marketplace class work on soundproofing boards. It's one of three projects the students completed for the MacPhee Centre for Creative Learning in Dartmouth.

NSCAD University and the MacPhee Centre for Creative Learning in Dartmouth are getting together to celebrate their special connection.

The MacPhee Centre is the Dartmouth location for one of NSCAD’s community studio residency programs; Caitlin McGuire and Kelsey Pearson, two recent NSCAD graduates, are artists in residence at the centre, with a shared studio on the third floor and instructors for the centre’s workshops for young artists.

As well, students in Kelly Markovich’s Textiles for the Marketplace class have recently completed three projects at the centre: a wall of appreciation to acknowledge MacPhee donors, a room-dividing screen, and soundproofing boards. Heather MacDonald, executive director of the MacPhee Centre, was astounded by what the students were able to accomplish in a short time and with an extremely limited budget ($250).

“I was so impressed by what they did and how they worked together in teams. I found them to be very innovative and entrepreneurial,” says Heather. “And now we’re so grateful to have their art here in a functional way.”

The wall of appreciation, which incorporates screen-printed, embroidered, dyed and woven components, is being used to acknowledge the contributions of key donors, including Robert Steele of NewCap Radio and Steele Auto Group, Lisa Hartlen of BoyneClarke, Sobey Foundation, and the Nova Scotia Government, and to recognize Al and Mary MacPhee, for whom the centre is named.

The soundproofing boards double as artworks, disguising soundproofing foam with original screen-printed textiles. The room divider is more than two metres tall and is made from hand-woven sections on a wooden frame.

“The students were required to work collaboratively in groups for a client, listen to their needs and come up with a proposal,  while working within a budget and a timeframe,” says Kelly Markovich.

The MacPhee Centre for Creative Learning and NSCAD University’s Community Appreciation Reception takes place Wednesday, April 13, 5:30 with remarks beginning at 6 pm, at the MacPhee Centre, 50 Queen St., Dartmouth.

NSCAD alumni Caitlin McGuire and Kelsey Pearson in their shared studio at the MacPhee Centre in Dartmouth.