Artist for a Day - We need you!
April 3, 2012

Steamroller printing is one of the things planned for Artist for a Day, May 12 on the Halifax waterfront.

By Peter Wünsch, President of NSCAD Alumni Association

Artist for a Day, happening Saturday, May 12 on the Halifax waterfront, is a free day for the public to experience what NSCAD people do. It’s an art fair. It’s a day for people all ages. It’s a show of wow.

We need you to take part. Do you have a great idea for project to celebrate NSCAD’s 125th anniversary? Wouldn’t it be awesome to have lots of hands to help create it? Come show the public what you can do with them. NSCAD 125 will provide your supplies.

Do you make fantastic art or crafts or design work that people might want to buy? Come set up and sell it!

Projects so far:

  • Steam Roller Printing - Yes, using a steam-roller to create street-sized monotype prints
  • The Printed Platter -   Help glaze a ram-press ceramic platter created in edition for the 125th year.
  • Naked Suit Life Drawing  -  “Nude” models up on the grassy knoll. Easels all around.
  • Jewelry Making -  Wearable art en plein air.
  • Photography -  Be part of a crowd shot to commemorate the 125th.
  • Augmented Reality - Actively interacting with media-making .
  • Letterpress -  Print ‘em old school.
  • Fashion -  Re-imagine what clothing means. Batik, tie-dye and beyond.
  • Edible Art Bake Sale - Let’s eat art.
  • Photobooth -  Take home a fun souvenir from the photobooth.
  • Filmmaking -  Be the director: 100 years of cinema captures 125 years of NSCAD.
  • Giant canvas collaboration -  For kids of all ages.

This is a massive opportunity for NSCAD creative types to be given support to show your stuff! Send your fantastic and engaging ideas by getting in touch with Linda Hutchison at 494 8244 or

You can also join us for an organizational meeting on Wednesday, April 4, 4 p.m. at Breakhouse Design Inc., 1096 Marginal Road (near NSCAD’s Port Campus). All are welcome.

 The Halifax waterfront near Bishop's Landing is the setting for Artist for a Day.