New Fees for Fall 2012
July 12, 2012

The Board of Governors and administration of NSCAD University are committed to sustaining NSCAD as an ongoing centre of excellence in visual arts education and research to the economic, social, and cultural benefit of Nova Scotia.  NSCAD is working to reduce its deficit as part of the short and long-term sustainability plans by cutting costs, generating new revenue sources and building enhanced partnerships with other Nova Scotia universities.

As a component of the implementation of the new sustainability plan, the Board of Governors, at its June 26 meeting, approved the implementation of the following three mandatory student fees to come into effect beginning with the Fall 2012 semester:

•    Technology renewal fee - $9 per 3 credit increment per semester;
•    Facility renewal fee - $15 for part time students per semester, $45 for full time students per semester;
•    Graduation administration fee - $50 to accompany application to graduate (beginning with May 2013 graduation).  Students who have already applied to graduate in May 2013 prior to July 11, 2012 will have the $50 fee automatically applied to their account.