NSCAD at Nocturne
October 15, 2014

Nocturne presents the work of NSCAD student Ryan Josey at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic.

It’s the one night of the year when Halifax comes alive—there’s art and energy everywhere and it’s magical. Taking place on Saturday, Oct. 18, Nocturne: Art at Night brings art out of the galleries and onto the streets of Halifax and Dartmouth.

Nocturne curator Eryn Foster (regular part-time faculty member at NSCAD), is working with the theme of “Peripheral Visions, Art from the Outside In.”

“As part of our curatorial program at Nocturne, we examine the notion of periphery and what it means to exist in the conceptual or actual space of the ‘outside,’” explains Eryn. “We have included works by artists who themselves situate themselves, or their work, within these peripheral spaces. We also ask what it means to be located-whether it be physically, geographically, politically, culturally, or spiritually-- at the points away from the centre.”

As curator, Eryn has specially selected NSCAD student Ryan Josey to be featured. His project, Fair Winds: Safe Return, will be located at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, 1675 Lower Water Street. Fair Winds is described as a “50-foot-tall poem” written in the International Code of Signals. An artist from Dartmouth, Ryan is on the executive of SUNSCAD and has a focus working with LGBTQ communities, artists and histories.

Another NSCAD-Nocturne collaboration is the presentation of James Luna, who comes to NSCAD from the La Jolla Indian Reservation in North County San Diego, California. As an artist from the outside, his powerful works have transformed gallery spaces into battlefields, confronting audiences with the nature of cultural identity, tensions generated by cultural isolation, and the dangers of cultural misinterpretations from an Indigenous perspective.

Co-hosted by NSCAD’s Art and Activism Coalition, James Luna will give an artist talk at the Bell Auditorium at NSCAD’s Fountain Campus on Thursday, Oct. 16 at 6:30 p.m. In addition to this lecture, James Luna will also be participating in this year's Nocturne Art at Night program on Saturday, Oct. 18, 6 pm to midnight. A video screening will take place at the Windsor Auditorium at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, as well as a live performance at a location to be determined. (For up to date information please visit the online Nocturne guide at: http://m.nocturnehalifax.ca/home/)

NSCAD alumni can start their Nocturne journey off at a reception by the NSCAD Alumni Association. Meet other alumni and new President Dianne Taylor-Gearing, network and have a taco in this relaxed kick-off to Nocturne. Prospective students and their parents at NSCAD for Portfolio Day are welcome to stay, meet alumni and ask them about the transition from school to careers. The reception takes place Saturday, Oct. 18, 4-6 p.m. at the Port Campus, 1107 Marginal Road. 

Some other highlights:
Nocturne at the Anna: The Anna Leonowens presents three photo and media-based exhibits: The Aquaphilia Project by Adrian Fish; At the Edge of Infinity by Lorraine Field; and New Wilderness: Seducing Birds, Snakes, Men by Jeff Whetstone. 1891 Granville Street, Halifax.

Printing on the Periphery: The Letterpress Gang invites the public into the printshop to learn about the history of printing through a variety of games and activities.1895 Granville Street, Halifax.

Clearing a Full Plate: NSCAD student Jack Wong advises folks to “bring your appetites for the unexpected.” He’ll be at Gallery Page and Strange Gallery, 1869 Granville Street, Halifax.

Language & Structure: Andrew Maize (BFA 2011) playfully explores text messages throughout the time and space of Nocturne. The quest begins at the Anna Leonowens Gallery, 1891 Granville St.

Art Gallery of Nova Scotia: Visitors will have a chance to explore the gallery’s recently installed exhibition, Northern Exposure. Mark Igloliorte (BFA 2003), one of the featured artists, will lead a hands-on art activity during the evening. Visitors will also be able to view some of Igloliorte’s works in the exhibition, which is based on the idea that art isn’t a commodity, but rather a rich experience in and of itself. 1723 Hollis Street.

Jewellery Art for the Uninhibited: Fireworks Gallery presents jewellery by NSCAD student and alumni artists. 1569 Barrington Street.

Thaumatropical Amusement: Create your own thaumatrope using an antique printing press. At Andrea Rahal’s Inkwell Boutique & Letterpress Studio, 1658 Market Street.

A’ Fàs Ri Chèile – Growing Together: NSCAD students are collaborating with Inglis Street Elementary school on a Nocturne exhibition which will consist of a series of pennants created by the multicultural kids of the school leading participants up the Duke Street entrance and stairwell to the Bell Auditorium where a Milling Frolic will be taking place, with the help of Gaelic Students from Citadel High. Bell Auditorium, Fountain Campus, 5163 Duke Street.

Got Drunk and Fell Down: Consider the work of Chris Hanson (BFA 1987) and Hendrika Sonnenberg (BFA 1988) on the Halifax waterfront.

Night Shift and Art Is …? NSCAD’s School of Extended Studies invites visitors to screen print posters and tour Night Shift, a group exhibition of artwork created by students and instructors taking classes through the School of Extended Studies. 1061 Marginal Road.

Night Tweeter: Ryan Suter (NSCAD part-time faculty) and Adrianna Kuiper present a portable artwork, Night Tweeter, at the centre of Halifax on Citadel Hill. It’s an illuminated tent that communicates through sound and light—reaching out to others, longing for companionship.

The Hundred-Eyed Satellite: A site-specific animated installation created by Becka Barker (NSCAD part-time faculty) from individually hand-drawn world maps by participants drawing from memory. Museum of Natural History, 1747 Summer Street.

Double Happiness Dim Sum Restaurant: Jeremy Tsang (BFA 2010) explores the hybrid identity of his Chinese Canadian background. 1526 Dresden Row.

Chantal Doak: New work and old favorites by Chantal Doak (BFA 2011). At Megan Leslie Community Art Gallery, 2207 Gottingen Street.

Open Ended Ensemble: Stephen Kelly (BFA 2001) creates a series of installations in which a collection of electromechanical sound-producing automatons integrate basic attributes of a biological living system. At King’s Wharf, Dartmouth.

Drawing on Air: In this radio broadcast project Leah Garnett (BFA 1999) provides listeners with directions for making a drawing.  She'll read short stories throughout the evening and invite listeners to draw while she reads. Just Us, 15 King’s Wharf, Dartmouth.

Please note: There are many more exhibitions and performances going on at Nocturne, Oct. 18, 6 p.m. to midnight. For the full list, please see the Nocturne guide.