NSCAD hosts UAAC conference
October 26, 2015


UAAC Conference poster designed by May Chung. Photograph by Alvin Comiter.

NSCAD University is proud to host the 2015 Conference of the Universities Art Association of Canada (UAAC-AAUC) taking place November 5 to 7 in Halifax.

NSCAD faculty, staff and students will welcome more than 200 scholars from across Canada. They’ll gather over three days at NSCAD’s Port Campus to present recent work—recognizing NSCAD’s significant contribution to art research and practice.

NSCAD President Dianne Taylor-Gearing is excited to show off the university and the “NSCAD creative vibe” to delegates from art institutions and universities big and small.

“What a wonderful opportunity for NSCAD to host this 2015 conference,” she says. “It’s going to be three amazing days of listening, learning and engaging.”

This year’s conference will be a catalyst for discussion on a wide variety of topics including art and reconciliation, art as information, art and activism, data and database aesthetics, creating critical spaces, site and subject, and imagining temporality. With 48 sessions taking place over two days of programming, the Port Campus will be abuzz with debate, argument and art making too.

“That everyone is coming here to us is a sign of NSCAD’s significant role in this field of inquiry—NSCAD is a destination for fine art and art history scholarship,” says Ann-Barbara Graff, Vice-President Academic and Research.

The keynote address will be given by Jeff Thomas, Urban-Iroquois, artist, curator and cultural theorist. Through his work, Thomas seeks to examine “Indian-ness” while dismantling long entrenched stereotypes of First Nations people. His address, “Our Future: From Residential Schools to Reconciliation,” will be presented Friday, Nov. 6, 7 pm at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic.

Many NSCAD professors are involved as facilitators and presenters, including: Sandra Alfoldy, Rudi Meyer, Michael LeBlanc, Christopher Kaltenbach, Robert Bean, Barbara Lounder, Robin Muller, Karin Cope, Bruce Barber, Craig Leonard, Carla Taunton, Paul Mahar, Anna Sprague, Ericka Walker, Mathew Reichertz, Sara Hartland-Rowe, David Clark, Jayne Wark, and Susan Surette, postdoctoral fellow. As well, many NSCAD alumni are involved as presenting academics from other institutions, including Eliza Au (BFA 2005) from Iowa University, Grace Nickel (MFA 2008) from the University of Manitoba, and Christof Migone (MFA 1996) from the University of Western Ontario, to name just a few.

Some of the special events taking place during the conference include the opening of the Inventing Museums exhibition on Thursday, Nov. 5, 5-7 pm. at the Port Loggia Gallery. Inventing Museums is an exhibition of student and faculty work curated by students in Prof. Carla Taunton’s Museum and Curatorial Studies seminar class. As well, the launch for Professor Darrell Varga’s new book, Shooting from the East: Filmmaking on the Canadian Atlantic (McGill-Queen’s University Press), will take place during the conference’s opening reception.

The conference’s sessions are open to all NSCAD students, but the keynote and other conference events are restricted to registrants and volunteers. To volunteer, please get in touch with Sharon Murray at nscad.ca

The full conference schedule is available here.

To register, please see: https://www.eply.com/UAAC2015