NSCAD launches online course for entrepreneurs
April 19, 2016

Have you considered turning your talent into a business but not sure where to start? NSCAD can help.

One of the many new courses on the School of Extended Studies’ Spring calendar is an online course aimed specifically at the maker-entrepreneur. “Turn Your Talent Into a Business” takes place over 10 weeks, running from April 27 to June 29. 

What’s different about this course is not only is it largely online, but it’s being taught by an artist who is also a business professional. Carolyn Crewe, a business and marketing coach specializing in small businesses and startups, holds a BFA in Photography and Graphic Design from NSCAD University and an MBA from Concordia University in Montreal.

“I speak art and I speak business,” says Carolyn. “A lot of the kind of Business 101 classes you see use jargon and assume you know a lot of things. I use plain English and really work to break these concepts down by using examples that creative people will relate to.”

Over 10 weeks, the course will teach students how to identify and reach potential customers both online and offline. Other topics include pricing, basic financials, networking, brand development, building a website and more. While seven classes will be fully online, Carolyn says the class is a “hybrid” in that three of the classes will have students meet as a group in person.

“I see my role not just as the teacher, but to facilitate conversations. I find students learn a great deal from each other,” she says. Lectures two, six and nine will be held in a classroom.


"I speak art and I speak



- Carolyn Crew


Besides Turn Your Talent Into a Business, other new offerings in the Spring course catalogue include Intro to Garden Design, Fashion Construction, Mixed Media Techniques in Art and Super 8. Plus, popular courses taught by NSCAD professors and alumni in digital media, jewellery making, ceramics, drawing, printmaking, photography and much more are back. There are also Spring classes for kids and teenagers, ages 5 through 18, and Summer Camps, which were fully subscribed last year; parents should sign their kids up early to avoid disappointment.

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