NSCAD student art gets boost from Art Sales and Rental Gallery
February 13, 2014

NSCAD University is partnering with Art Sales and Rental Gallery for the promotion and sale of student art.

Art Sales and Rental Gallery, the commercial gallery of the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, has agreed to feature the work of student artists on a new website it will introduce and at its downtown gallery, located at 1723 Hollis St., Halifax. Through the website, the gallery can accommodate artworks in a variety of artistic media, including sculpture, ceramics, painting, prints, drawings and textiles—up to five works per student.

“We are excited to partner with NSCAD,” says Andrea Smith, executive director of Art Sales and Rental Gallery, “This opportunity complements our goal to provide a venue for emerging and established artists.” 

The gallery, open seven days a week, is operated by knowledgeable staff and volunteers.The gallery's current exhibition, This is the Canadian Earth, features paintings by Jimy Sloan, Hangama Amiri and Samantha Battaglia, all recent NSCAD graduates.

As well, Art Sales and Rental Gallery offers opportunities for students in terms of having their work included in special NSCAD student shows. NSCAD students would also be welcome to assist in the planning, display, promotion of those shows – providing them with valuable experience in a commercial venue.

“We’re very appreciative of the offer by Art Sales and Rental and the enthusiasm of its volunteers,” says Dr. Dan O’Brien, President of NSCAD. “This is a wonderful chance for those students who like to see their work presented at a commercial gallery.”

NSCAD is in discussions with other art galleries to broaden venues for students. The university is also planning a large show and sale of student and alumni work in the lead-up to the Christmas holiday season. 

Following the announcement last year that the Seeds Gallery would close on March 31, 2014, Dr. O’Brien pledged to find other ways to support the sale and promotion of student work.

Students who would like to participate should contact the Art Sales and Rental Gallery directly for details on how to submit their work, pricing and presentation. They should be prepared to submit a resume or biography and a portfolio of works (including those they wish to sell) by email to asar@gov.ns.ca or in person at 1723 Hollis Street. Please make an appointment in advance by calling the gallery at 424-3087.

More information is also available by getting in touch with Marilyn Smulders in the Office of University Relations, 494-8248, msmulders@nscad.ca.