NSCAD Update
December 3, 2015

Posted Dec. 3, 7:30 pm

Throughout the day students held a peaceful sit-in outside the President’s Office. NSCAD University President Dianne Taylor-Gearing met with and listened to students’ comments and questions about proposed tuition adjustments, and more broadly, about the cost of education in Nova Scotia. This took place at 4 pm in the student lounge and was also attended by faculty and staff.

There has been some misunderstanding about the proposed tuition increases. The majority of NSCAD’s current students will not be affected. Starting in 2016, students choosing to take five classes (15 credits) or more will see an increase in tuition. Currently, the increases would impact 38% of our students.

Students who won’t be impacted include:

  • Full-time students taking four classes (12 credits) or three classes (9 credits)
  • Part-time students taking:
    - one class (three credits)
    - two classes (six credits)

We will provide further updates as the decision progresses.