NSCAD video
July 18, 2016

Sweet Blue Sky

What’s it like to go to NSCAD University? Filmmaker Halley Davies spent many months creating this soaring little film capturing the NSCAD journey, from a high school student bravely showing her work to a professor at Portfolio Day to an alumnus at the opening of his solo exhibition held at a major private gallery. In order of appearance, this film features NSCAD students and alumni including Milli Webb, Gemma Leslie, Ryan Abrams, Philip Nuttall, Sydney McKenna, Toban Ralston, Habiba El Sayed, Jimy Sloan, Todd Saunders, Marcia Connolly, Andrea Rahal and Jenn Grant. Many thanks to Jenn Grant for the use of her song Hummingbird from the album Compostela.The video takes its name Sweet Blue Sky from a line in the song Hummingbird; it represents the potential, joy and hope for the future that a NSCAD education provides.