A warm welcome to Portfolio Day
February 11, 2015

Want to know what NSCAD is all about? Come to Portfolio Day on Saturday, Feb. 21 and get feedback on your artwork by a NSCAD professor.

Interested in expanding your creative horizons by attending NSCAD University?

Applying to a visual arts university is a little bit different than applying to other universities because students have to submit a portfolio of their creative work.

But preparing a portfolio needn't be intimidating or a hindrance to getting into the art and design school of your choice as long as it is approached in a thoughtful manner. Admissions staff members at NSCAD University are eager to answer questions on how to prepare a portfolio—a key element of the application process.

“Students who are applying to art school generally find putting their portfolio together to be the most daunting part. It is often the first time they have ever had to consider presenting their artwork in a coherent, cohesive manner,” says Ruby Boutilier, recruitment coordinator for NSCAD’s Office of Admissions. “Speaking with faculty, and listening to our presentations at Portfolio Day helps them understand what we are looking for and gives them a framework for choosing their pieces.”

NSCAD is holding Portfolio Day on Saturday, February 21, 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Prospective students and their parents can visit NSCAD’s three downtown campuses, learn about programs, see the facilities and talk to current students and faculty. Guidance counselors, principals and art teachers are also welcome.

Students who have artwork and sketchbooks should bring them along. In the afternoon, there’s a chance to sit down with NSCAD faculty to discuss their interests, hear feedback on their work and get tips on preparing that all-important portfolio.

“Students should take advantage of this opportunity. It will be instrumental in shaping their selections for their application,” adds Ms. Boutilier. “The portfolio they submit is a huge factor in both their acceptance and their potential receipt of scholarships.”

Register today at my.nscad.ca