Red is for passion
November 23, 2011

You might have noticed the color red popping up around NSCAD these days. There are red flags flying at Granville campus, red banners at the Port campus and red capes worn by students.

All that red refers to NSCAD’s budget squeeze, says Andrew Maize, an interdisciplinary student from Horseshoe Valley, Ont.

“We’re creating dialogue with the general public about the need for a stronger, more unified school, and how we can sustain NSCAD for another 125 years,” he says.

A grassroots movement, NSCAD In the Red is bringing together students, staff, faculty and administration. On Saturday, “NSCApers” spoke with people at the Halifax Seaport Farmers Market, talking up the university and encouraging them to send letters to elected officials and add their names to the online petition. More than 400 signatures were added to the petition on Saturday; there are now more than 6,200 names on the petition, Keep NSCAD University intact and independent.

But not everyone’s enthused about the red campaign. A post on the Friends of NSCAD Facebook page says the message conveyed by the campaign is negative and would rather see NSCAD’s strengths emphasized.

With a reminder that red also stands for passion and love, Andrew responds he’s excited a dialogue has been started. “We need to discuss the issues facing us as a school and find new ways to approach the situation. That’s really the challenge.”

Up, up and away: "NSCApers" with the Red Campaign include Tamara Harkness, textiles student from Edmonton, Alberta; Paula Dirks, ceramics student from Lancaster, Pennsylvannia; Magnus Von Tiesenhausen, intermedia student from Demmit, Alberta; Andrew Maize, interdisciplinary student, from Horseshoe Valley, Ont.; Maddy Andrews, textiles/fashion student from Vancouver, B.C.; and Laura Roy, fine arts/art history student from Florenceville, N.B.