Research Hangouts
January 7, 2015

It occurred to Max Haines as he planned his master’s level class, Research/Creation, for the winter semester that he wasn’t as tuned in as he could be with the research his colleagues just down the hall were conducting, much less elsewhere on campus. 

So he decided to invite NSCAD professors to speak to his students about their research, and open up the class to anyone else who’s interested.

“Research Hangouts” will take place on Friday afternoons from 12 noon to 1 p.m. in S409 on the Fountain Campus.

“For my students, it’s a chance to see what research looks like in action. At the same time by opening up these discussions more widely, we can build up the research culture at NSCAD,” he said, adding, “As far as I can see, NSCAD punches above its weight in terms of research, especially for a fine art school and I think we should celebrate that.”

The series of talks kicks off Friday, Jan. 16 when Prof. Haiven discusses his own research, “Between Art and Money.”

Here’s the full list:

 Jan. 16
Max Haiven 
"Between Art and Money"
Jan. 23
Glen Hougan
"Building Research Ecosystems: Lessons in Defining a New Narrative
"Building Research Ecosystems: Lessons in Defining a New Narrative" - See more at:
"Building Research Ecosystems: Lessons in Defining a New Narrative" - See more at:
Jan. 30
Frances Dorsey
"Sustainability, the Textiles Industry and a Meaningful Art Practice"
Feb. 6
Jayne Wark
 "The Culture Wars and Abject Art"
Feb. 13
Craig Leonard
 "Aesthetics After Marcuse"
Feb. 27
Sandra Alfoldy
 "When Research Feels Like Too Much Fun"
March 6
Ericka Walker
 "Sifting and Winnowing"
March 13
Gary Markle
 "Well Worn"
 March 20
David Howard
"The Utopia and Allegory Project"
March 27
Barbara Lounder
 "Walking for Amateurs"