The NSCAD response
February 22, 2013

In a letter from Sandra McKenzie, Deputy Minister of the Department of Labour and Advanced Education, to NSCAD University dated January 10, 2013, and in a meeting between the NSCAD Board of Governors and senior government officials on January 24, 2013, the university was told it must resubmit its sustainability plan and include details on how it will address its debt. A deadline of March 15, 2013 was given.

In his blog post, Where We Stand, Dr. Dan O'Brien gives an update on the status of the 2012 Framework for Sustainability. Further, in his latest blog post, he gives details about the studies on space utilization and affiliation that are currently underway.

As well, Dr. O'Brien and Grant Machum, chair of the Board of Governors, have each written a letter in response.

Please read: January 18, 2013 letter from Dr. Daniel O'Brien to Sandra McKenzie, Deputy Minister (PDF).

Please read: February 14, 2013 letter from Grant Machum to Sandra McKenzie, Deputy Minister (PDF).