Presidential search update
August 3, 2012

Update from the Presidential Search Committee

As you know from a memo sent last week, the search committee for a new President of NSCAD was launched recently.

I am writing today to invite your input in developing a job advertisement and position description. You can participate by submitting responses to the following:

  1. What qualities and experiences would you value in a new President?
  2. What do you believe are the essential components of the new President’s mandate?
  3. What opportunities and challenges might the new President anticipate?

Please submit your responses to Fran Cameron, secretary to the presidential search committee, at by August 15, 2012. Responses will be held in confidence by the secretary and other members of the search committee.

The search committee intends to provide regular updates as the search unfolds.

Yours truly,

Grant Machum,
Chair of the Presidential Search Committee

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