Space Utilization Study
December 20, 2013

On Saturday, Nov. 2, the NSCAD Board of Governors held a special meeting to receive and discuss the Space Utilization Study completed by Educational Consulting Services (ECS).

The full report is now available: NSCAD University Space Utilization Study (PDF)

The report contains the following:

  • A comprehensive analysis of current space inventory, including the comparison of existing utilization with utilization in purpose-built facilities.
  • An assessment of the quality of existing buildings using a “fit to function” tool.
  • The identification of eight different options for addressing long-term (five years out) space requirements. Each option identifies the net cost, including the impact on the current operating budget and the loss or gain of space over what NSCAD currently has.
  • Finally, the report suggests a number of options that might be entertained in the short term (three to five years) to optimize the space currently occupied.

Following a full discussion, the Board of Governors arrived at the following decisions:

  1. That a decision on the preferred approach to long-term building requirements be postponed until the completion of NSCAD’s revisioning/strategic planning process (currently underway) and the affiliation study and further work by administration on testing assumptions embedded in the options.

  2. That the administration continues with plans to optimize current space utilization. The objective of this exercise is to increase the use of the Port Campus (which presupposes some redesign of the existing space) and decrease the use of the Granville campus for academic and non-academic purposes. If successful, NSCAD ought to be able to expand opportunities for increasing leasing revenue which is consistent with the sustainability plan.

  3.  In achieving this latter objective, an abundance of consultation and sufficient notice will be made to ensure the least amount of disruption possible.

Dr. Daniel O'Brien
President, NSCAD University