20/21 Vision Exhibition to benefit NSCAD students
November 2, 2011

That old Beatles tune With a Little Help My Friends would have been perfect playing in the background as the staff at Studio 21 Fine Art installed its latest exhibition, 20/21 Vision.

Ineke Graham and Deborah Carver, co-directors of the commercial gallery, are holding a special group exhibition with a portion of the proceeds going to a NSCAD scholarship fund. Called the Studio 21 Aspiring Artist Fund, the scholarships are awarded annually to promising students.

“We just appreciate so much what Studio 21 is doing,” said David B. Smith, President of NSCAD University, who got a preview of the show on Wednesday. “This exhibition and the scholarships it supports mean a great deal to our students.”

20/21 Vision is a fundraiser with a twist, because we are not asking anyone to donate,” explained gallery owner Deborah Carver, who worked for five years at NSCAD University in External Relations, and before that, at Salter Street Films as VP Communications.  “So, this is how it works–we have a wonderful group show by our artists; we are asking clients to buy a piece of art at any time during the show; the artists will be paid in full, as usual; and the gallery will donate 20 per cent of the proceeds to the Aspiring Artist Scholarship Fund at NSCAD University.”

20/21 Vision can be viewed online. More than 75 paintings, drawings and sculptures by 33 nationally and international acclaimed artists are included in the exhibition. Many of the participating artists  are NSCAD alumni and faculty members, and, in some cases, both.

This is Studio 21’s third exhibition benefitting NSCAD students.  At the last fundraising event, held in 2006, Studio 21 Fine Art successfully raised more than $18,000 and the first raised $16,000. Since the inception of the fund, five scholarships ranging from $500 to $800 have been awarded.

“The exhibition is a chance for the gallery and the community to recognize and support talented young artists,” said Ineke Graham, who is looking forward to semi-retirement and getting back into her own studio to paint. “It feels so good when you nurture blossoming talents.”

20/21 Vision opens Friday, Nov. 4, 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. and runs to December 1.

Sara MacCulloch's September Near Trinity is just one of 75 artworks on display as part of Studio 21 Fine Art's 20/21 Vision exhibition.