Lorraine Field's "Call and Response" series on exhibit in Syria
June 19, 2009

Lorraine Field, BFA ’97, MA ’04, recently returned from Aleppo, Syria where her new photographic series, Call and Response, was on exhibit at the Le Pont Gallery.

“The series resulted from several trips to Syria and one to Texas to respond to the Syrian images,” explains Lorraine. “Syria, and specifically the great Syrian desert of the Mesopotamian Plain, offers a compelling landscape that continues to fascinate me."

“I wanted to open this work at the Le Pont Gallery partially in gratitude to Issa Touma, a photographer/curator who owns and runs the gallery,” says Lorraine. “I first met Issa in 2004 when he invited me to the 8th Aleppo International Photography Festival.”

“Issa runs his gallery and festivals in spite of serious opposition the government; his gallery has been locked and shut down, and he’s been harassed and interrogated by the Syrian police on several occasions.”

“Still, Issa persists in exhibiting the work of Western artists as he believes it important for Syrian artists to see work from the non-Arab world for themselves.”

lorraine field

 Borders. Syria/Iraq