Thanks to you!
September 26, 2012

The face of Anna Leonowens appears on Granville Mall, home to NSCAD University, the school she founded 125 years ago.
We had a fabulous 125th anniversary weekend and it wouldn't have been possible without the help of so many!

Thanks to Linda Hutchison, director, University Relations, and Peter Wunsch, president of the Alumni Association for leading the charge. Thanks to all the performers – Jenn Grant, Buck 65, Ghettosocks, Matt Mays, Ria Mae, Tanya Davis and Acres and Acres. Thanks to our host Craig Norris.

Thanks to Samantha Forsyth for concert coordination and her team: Carl Gosine, technical director; Dave Corkum and Sound Systems Plus; Mary Beth, Harry, Ayvery, stage crew; Scott Furlotte and Source Security; Matt Johnson, DJ Equipment; Jenn Grant Band for backline for the entire concert; Moduloc Fencing; Royal Flush; Jim Mullan, site planner. To Bruce Rhodenizer at Delta, Daniel Bourque at Crombie. To Bradley and Harold Boutilier at Coastal, Billy Comer at HRM, HRM fire and police departments.

Thanks to Daniel Ledwell for the poster design.

Thanks to the bartenders – Mark Bovey, Chris Hutchison, Chris Gibson! Thanks to all the helpers at the gate – David Clark, Joann Reynolds-Farmer, Mitchell Pineo, Bryanna Chapeskie, Teto Elsiddique, Courtney Cockroft, Jamie Rumley, Cameron Farmer, Charley Young, Chris McFarlane, Marilyn Smulders. Thanks to Matt Bent at Brussels and Brian Titus at Garrison Brewery.

Thanks to Gary Markle and his fabulous team for making Granville Mall look so festive! Maynard from Sound Systems Plus, Harold and Bradley from Coastal, Alex Doyle, Kathleen Tetlock, Annie Macmillan,  Jose Mora, Magnus Von Tiesenhausen, Ben Woodyard, Elliot Mussett, Janelle Brown, Shelbey Dodds, Meghan Kelly, Ken Schwartz and Ross Creek Arts Centre, Jonathan Legate and Leigh Ann Vardy. Also, The Flower Shop.

Thanks to Matthew Ritchie at The Coast, Phlis MacGregor, Jackie Torrens at CBC Radio, Lois Legge and Elissa Barnard at The Chronicle Herald for helping us get the word out.

Thanks to Annalise Prodor, Oksana Atwood, Duncan Ferguson, Teto Elsiddique, Megan Kelly, Conor McLaughlin, Magnus Von Tiessenhausen, Sue Sutherland, Peter Wunsch, Marilyn Smulders, Linda Hutchison, Siobhan Cleary, Betty LaBombard, Cameron Jantzen, Amie Buikema and Mamie Bell for painting all those pixels.

Thanks to the Annas – Megan Kelly, Elliot Jane Mussett, Janelle Brown, Shelbey Dodds – for looking so beautiful!

Thanks to Louis Leonowens and Lucy Leonowens for joining in with our celebrations and Christine Holzer-Hunt for hosting our guests on Friday. Thanks to Eleanor King, Melanie Colosimo, Gary Neill Kennedy, Stefan Hancherow for exhibitions and openings on Friday. Thanks to Hillary Webb for coordinating the 24 Hour Filmfest.

Thanks to everyone who showed up for ANNAmotion LOGOmotion!! To Annalise Prodor for calling our instructions and Brian Crabbe for driving the pixels to the hill. To Gordon Stevens at Uncommon Grounds for supplying the coffee.  To Steve Farmer, Eliot Wright and Craig Moore for recording it all. To Parks Canada for letting us come to Citadel Hill. 

To the pixel people! Joann Reynolds-Farmer, Greg Ivany, Jasmine Alexander, David Murphy, Sonia Salisbury Murphy, Rebecca Hannon, Amanda MacAulay, Anna Whalen, Stephanie Rybczyn, Hannah Goodman, Meghan Kelly, Christopher McFarlane, Maria Del Mar Molano, Layla Thordarson, Tracy Lewis, Bernie Gracie, Anton Christiansen, Rowland Marshall, Laura Graham, Hannah McGrath, Lea Burkert, Anja Dietz, Jane Milton, Dorothée Rosen, Sara Killoran, Sharon Johnson-Legere, Shelley Veinot-Spencer, Yu Xia, Robert Mullan, Michael Reynolds, Madeleine McNeely, Francine Macaulay, Pamela Ritchie, Margot Durling, Caitlin Hamilton, Andrew Mikitiuk, Breagh Morrison, Jin Li, Joan Gallant, Karen Nakamura, Patricia Lynch, Hannah Genosko, Daltry Rose Campbell-Lemire, Jeff White, Matthew Brown, Holly Mackinnon, Semina Baek, Kimberly Watson, Baoyu Yue, Mathew Reichertz, Karalyn Reuben, Alfonso Bustamante, Yalitsa Riden, Kevin Nielsen, Marilyn Smulders, Chris Darrah, Heather Tulloch, Sixue Cui, Kelsey Whalen, Marlene Guenther, Carole McDougall, Amanda Pelham, Kim Pittaway, Duncan Ferguson, Robert Ewanchuk, Eliza Rader,  Lillian Yuen, Oksana Atwood, Anne Laybolt, Scott Biggar, Samuel Spielmann Rose, Andrew Rabyniuk, Amery Sanford, Stephanie Talbot, Mary Elizabeth Luka, Bourden Kaitlyn, Hunter Barnden, Laura Taylor, Kassandra Simon, Brian Downey, Karolina-Anna Hajna, Marley Johnson, Tait Wilman, Tafadzwa Maposa, MacDonald Mitch, Charley Young, Jessy Donn-Barkley, Patrick Rapati, Jennifer Maguire, Martina Lavallee, Mariya Tsehtik, Kristy Depper, Patricia Hondzel, Anna Jeske, Annie Kierans, Conor Fug, Gabrielle Beauchemin, Samantha Moss, Allisha Morris Horvath, Sarah Snetsinger, Raghed Al Charabaty, Gillian Maradyn Jowsey, Danielle-Marie Nowlan, Kaashif Ghanie, Caleigh Murison, Mark Bovey, Tom Seymour, Sheila Provazza, Mark Corless, Benjamin Wooten, Abdullah Alfaraj, Sarah Mosher, Hunter McLay, Rachael Lynch, Kelsey Pearson, Abigail Smith, Petar Markovich, Charissa Brown, Susan Sutherland, Christina Bosowec, Isla McEachern, Charlotte Brumwell, Adrienne Mountain, Andrea Taber, Merray Gerges, Sarah MacLeod, Victoria Fleming, Tess Griebel, Janelle Brown, Christine Holzer-Hunt, Ian Austen, David M. McCarthy, Victoria Brumwell, Jaron Felix, Leena Alawaid, Annapurna Moffatt, Carley Mullally, Judith Leidl, Karin Jones, Heather Murray, Josie Guenther, Anne Dahl, Jackie Nichols, Fwad Hoho, Conor Fagan, Carol Morrison, Jessica Aurini, Grace Loeppky, Rose Adams, Matthew Pierce, Leanne Hansen, Samantha April, Becky Gartner, Conor McLaughlin, Noah McLaughlin, Peter McLaughlin, and all those who showed up on the hill to pitch in.

To Faith Jarrett Wallace at Heritage Canada.

Thanks to Harry Olsen and Akshay Tyagi for designing our beautiful logo—wish you could have been here!

Thanks to anyone we’ve missed—we did so appreciate all the help and support that went into making anniversary weekend a wonderful success.